Who Won ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Season 2 Last Night?

Celebrity Big Brother

CBS "Celebrity Big Brother" has finally crowned its winner!

This post contains spoilers from last night’s season finale of Celebrity Big Brother. If you don’t want to know the results, stop reading now. You have been warned!

The month-long struggle for power in the Celebrity Big Brother house has finally come to an end. So who won Season 2? Singer and TV personality Tamar Braxton won the $250,000 check beating former Heisman winner and NFL star Ricky Williams in a unanimous vote, only the second shutout in BB history following Dan Gheesling’s historic win in Season 10. Braxton’s victory sets another first for the series: she’s the first black winner the show has seen to date.

Ricky won the flying bat HOH comp that had contestants flying through the air to complete a magnetized puzzle. The former footballer then put Dina Lohan and Kandi Burruss on the block, protecting his alliance members Tamar and Lolo Jones from possible eviction. In the Veto competition, Lolo sealed the deal for her alliance by dodging laser beams and winning the BB Museum competition securing her safety and putting the final nail in the coffin for Ricky’s nominations. When it came time to vote, Lolo voted to evict Kandi while Tamar voted to evict Dina, leaving the final decision to the HOH. Ricky then showed Kandi the door with his tie-breaking vote.

The final HOH comp had the houseguests guessing which fact out of three was wrong when little kid lookalikes of former houseguests delivered details about each member’s time in the house. Ricky beat out Tamar in a sudden death showdown making him the game’s very last Head of Household.

Dina, Tamar, and Lolo then had the floor to fight for their chance to stay in the game, but Ricky made the ultimate call evicting Dina and Lolo from the Big Brother house and therefore bringing Tamar to the final two. That decision would prove costly for Ricky, as Tamar received every single jury vote solidifying her crown as the victor of Celebrity Big Brother Season 2.

Ricky won’t be going home empty-handed. He takes home the runner-up prize of $50,000, while Canadian comedian Tom Green won America’s Favorite Player banking him a solid $25,000. Never forget the handshake gone wrong:

With the season now closed out, I have to say that Season 2 fared much better than Season 1. The live feeds were explosive, hilarious, and all around more entertaining than last year. The drama and arguments kept me glued to the feeds, while the gameplay and non-game conversations were also pretty riveting. Season 1 proved that the experiment could work with celebrities, but Keisha Knight Pulliam and Metta World Peace peacing out voluntary put a dead-stop to the season’s strategy and gameplay which was not only a disappointment but a disservice to the rest of the players. Season 2 had a much better flow to it, with mini alliances sprouting up and different factions of the house working to dismantle the biggest targets…exactly the way a great Big Brother season should play out.

Congratulations, Tamar Braxton! We live feeders will certainly miss you.