WATCH: Chance the Rapper & Backstreet Boys Super Bowl Commercial 2019

Doritos® | Chance the Rapper x Backstreet Boys Super Bowl OFFICIAL VIDEO #NowItsHotIntroducing new Doritos® Flamin’ Hot® Nacho. It’s the original you know and love…now hot! Check out Chance the Rapper’s remix of The Backstreet Boys’ classic. #NowItsHot2019-01-29T14:45:33.000Z

An unlikely match is pairing up this Super Bowl to sell a new flavor of Doritos.

Doritos® Flamin’ Hot® Nacho chips are bringing together Chance the Rapper and The Backstreet Boys at this year’s Super Bowl. The boy band performs a remixed version of their hit single “I Want It That Way” as Chance the Rapper does his thing in the brand new commercial.

The ad starts with Chance the Rapper sitting in an empty airplane hanger. He’s eating a bag of Flamin’ Hot Nacho Doritos and says to himself, “They made the original… hot?” We then cut to a montage of Chance rapping about the chips as the Backstreet Boys perform a new version of their song.

Last year’s Doritos ad was a complete hit, and starred Morgan Freeman, Peter Dinklage, Busta Rhymes, and Missy Elliott. To date, it has garnered hundreds of thousands of views. Check it out below.

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A number of celebrities are starring in this year’s super bowl ads, including Serena Williams in a spot for Bumble and Jason Bateman in an ad for Hyundai.

This year, CBS is charging a whopping $5.25 million for a 30-second spot in the championship game. That equates to $175,000 per second. In 1967, according to CNBC, ads cost from $37,500 to $42,500. It wasn’t until 1995 that that number grew to the millions.

Chance the Rapper, born Chancelor Jonathan Bennett, is a 25-year-old rapper, singer, and songwriter. He gained fame in 2013, after releasing his second mixtape, Acid Rap. In May 2016, Chance released his third mixtape Coloring Book. The album was critically acclaimed, earning three Grammys, including the award for Best Rap Album. In July of last year, the artist released four new songs.

The Backstreet Boys, meanwhile, formed in 1993. The group is made up of AJ McLean, Howie Dorough, Nick Carter, Kevin Richardson, and Brian Littrell. The group soared to fame in 1996, after debuting their international album, “Backstreet Boy”. The next year, they released their second international album, “Backstreet’s Back”. In May of last year, the group announced their new single, “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,” was going to be their lead single for their new album.

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