WATCH: Charlie Sheen & A-Rod Star in Planters Super Bowl Ad

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A-Rod and Charlie Sheen star in a new Super Bowl commercial for Planters.

The commercial starts with Mr. Peanut taking to the streets in the fast Nutmobile. The car zooms through a construction zone to the surprise of Charlie Sheen, who mumbles, “And people think I’m nuts”, before eventually parking at a suburban house that holds none other than Alex Rodriguez himself, watching the Big Game. Just as A-Rod is about to grab a bunch of kale chips, Mr. Peanut swaps them out and replaces them with his container of Planters peanuts. A-Rod then throws him a thumbs up.

There are a number of strange pairings in Super Bowl ads this year, including Cardi B and Steve Carell in an ad for Pepsi, and the Backstreet Boys and Chance the Rapper in a spot for a new Doritos flavor. But perhaps nothing is as odd as Charlie Sheen and A-Rod. What’s more is that neither say much in the commercial– Sheen has one line, while A-Rod is silent the entire time.

The 30-second spot comes from VaynerMedia and is set to run during the second quarter of the game. Another extended 45-second ad was reportedly released by the Kraft Heinz brand on Tuesday.

According to Ad Aage, Planters has said they will be giving away prizes through the @MrPeanut Twitter handle on Sunday. The items to be given away include a signed Rodriguez memorabilia, a solid gold peanut, and a chance to have Mr. Peanut chauffeur you in the Nutmobile for a week.

In a recent interview with People, Sheen opened up about his life these days and the commercial spot he’ll appear in during Sunday’s Big Game. The 53-year-old actor, who reportedly wrote the line he speaks in the commercial himself, tells People, “The original line was, ‘That guy’s driving like a nut,’ and then as soon as I said [the new line], I could hear the reaction of the crowd around the monitor. It was pretty obvious that was the one they would go with.”

Sheen goes on to say, “I’ve been sober almost 14 months. That was the biggest change for me,” he says. “I really focus on my health, my family and work will come next. I’m excited to be excited again.”

Sheen says he spends most days exercising, working on upcoming projects, and spending dad-time with his five children. Asked if his children ask about his crazy past, Sheen says, “I always tell them look, anything you’re curious about or stuff that you think might be dangerous or unhealthy, I’m the guy to talk to. I have all the knowledge. I don’t come at them with judgment or anything but love. My experiences can prevent them from going down a similar road and so the whole journey wasn’t a complete waste of time. I have all the data.”

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