Cote de Pablo’s Return to ‘NCIS’ Would Be Amazing for Maria Bello

Cote de Pablo NCIS return


NCIS star Maria Bello was on The Talk on Monday to chat about life — and the show, of course. Bello was asked about her “secret daughter” and about the latest storyline that seems to have brought Ziva David (played by actress Cote de Pablo) back from the dead.

Bello didn’t have any exclusive details about the show — or about Ziva — but she is really hoping that she gets the chance to work with de Pablo.

“As far as Ziva goes, I am dying to work with her. Cote de Pablo is supposed to be fantastic. And we don’t know if she’s actually going to come back or not, but I’m hoping,” Bello said. You can watch the clip here.

NCIS fans have been wondering if de Pablo will return to the show after some major clues suggested that David is still alive. When de Pablo decided to leave NCIS, she was written off in a way that left most viewers upset; David was involved in a terrorist bombing but her remains were never found.

Was she alive? Unlikely. But viewers have been hanging onto that small sliver for years — and it seems as though they finally have an answer to that lingering question. That major turn of events came two weeks ago during an episode entitled “She.” As previously reported by Heavy, viewers were left overwhelmed by emotion after Ellie Bishop (played by actress Emily Wickersham) found a note that could have only been from one person; Ziva.

“Eleanor Bishop. For the safety of my family, please keep my secret,” the note read.

Fans couldn’t help but express their excitement for the possibility that Ziva David was going to return to NCIS. Showrunners have been mum on the rumors and it doesn’t seem like de Pablo will be signing on to return to the show — but anything is possible.

Could Ziva’s “storyline” simply be a measure of closure for NCIS fans? Cinema Blend seems to think so.

“The character was supposedly killed off a few seasons back, but the fact that a body was never found presented some ambiguity as to whether or not Ziva was actually gone. Season 16’s episode ‘She’ may have merely just resolved that storyline, and confirmed that fans who believed Ziva survived the mortar attack on her farmhouse were correct,” the site previously reported.

While fans may finally have the closure they were seeking, there still seems to be a strong desire to see de Pablo back on the show in some form. Ziva David was one of the most beloved characters and her absence has been beyond noticeable.

Where will showrunners land on how to tie up those loose Ziva strings? You’ll have to keep watching this season to find out.

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