Cote de Pablo’s Possible Return to ‘NCIS’ Teased With Ziva David Mentions

Ziva David return NCIS

Getty Pictured: Actress Cote de Pablo

Cote de Pablo could be one step closer to confirming a possible return to NCIS. Ever since she left the show in 2013, NCIS fans have been hoping that she’d come back and reprise her role as Ziva David — one of the most popular characters to ever appear on the show. Now, Ziva is being brought up on the show again and it’s possible that her storyline will finally be fleshed out or — even better — she may be ready to rejoin the team.

In Episode 13 of Season 16, there are some major hints about a potential Ziva return. This is the first time since Tony DiNozzo’s exit that a possible Ziva storyline has come into play. The past will creep back into your living room by way of an investigation led by Ellie Bishop.

In a preview for the episode titled “She”, you can hear Bishop say “Ziva.” In another scene, Gibbs yells, “Don’t tell me about Ziva.” You can watch the preview in the clip below.

Fans were quick to react to the preview, hoping that episode 13 will provide some definitive answers about the future of the show — and the possibility of more Ziva.

“Ziva was one of the best characters ever created. The chemistry between her and the team was unparalleled. It would be epic to have her back. NCIS has lost so much lately. It needs a transfusion and Ziva is perfect,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Michael Weatherly doesn’t believe she’s dead. Neither do WE! However, don’t be fooled into thinking she will be appearing in person. If any sighting will be flashbacks. I can’t take having my emotions played with again! Fans of Ziva deserve better,” added another.

Most NCIS fans were left reeling when Ziva David was written off the show. While there has been some indication that she’s dead, her story was never officially ended, allowing for a potential return down the road. However, once DiNozzo left, the possibility of Ziva coming back lessened.

If fans could have their way, NCIS Season 16 would confirm that Ziva is still alive. Moreover, many fans would like to see some sort of closure, even if Ziva doesn’t come back in a full-time capacity (though that would be the ultimate end goal). Will Ziva and Tony finally get their happily ever after? It could happen.

The worst thing that could happen? These mentions of Ziva are nothing more than teasers and nothing comes out of it. This would be a major let down for fans who have been holding out hope for five years now. It’s possible that Ziva will only be back by way of flashbacks, which would be discouraging, to say the least.

But there is another sign that Cote de Pablo might be returning to the popular primetime drama — her schedule. According to her IMDb page, de Pablo recently wrapped a movie called Seneca. She has nothing else scheduled for 2019, which could mean that she’s wide open, willing, and available to start filming NCIS.

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