David Tutera’s Net Worth: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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David Tutera is one of the biggest names in wedding planning, and his net worth certainly reflects it. As the host of WE tv’s My Fair Wedding and the author of several books, no one should be surprised to learn that Tutera is a millionaire with an estimated net worth of $6 million.

How does he make his money? Read on.

1. He Has His Own Line of Luxury Wedding Gowns

David is the master behind his own line of wedding gowns, David Tutera By Faviana. Research shows us that the last time this line offered dresses was 2011. You can check them out here.

Tutera isn’t finished with bringing collections to those in need of a dress. He plans on launching his own bridal gown company, called David Tutera Bridal, along with a men’s fashion collection. Tutera explains, “I’ve upped the ante. I’ve tried to take wedding fashions and elevate the visuals. The brides on the show are all wearing my designs made specifically for them.”

In an interview with Something Turquoise, Tutera was asked which of his many product lines have been his favorite to design so far. He explained, “All of them! It’s been such a privilege to share designs with my fans that have a great look and an unbelievable price point. Selfishly, my men’s collection is exciting because I can wear it.”

2. He Is the Author of Seven Books

Tutera is the author of nine books: My Fair Wedding, The Big White Book of Weddings: The How-To Guide For The Savvy, Stylish Bride, Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings, Big Birthdays, The Party Planner, America Entertains: A Year of Imaginative Partie, and A Passion for Parties: Your Guide to Elegant Entertaining.

In his interview with Wedding Market News, Tutera was asked how he plans to transform wedding planning business to the next level. He explained, “By writing my first book in 2001 & beginning a brand by writing several more. I also became a public figure on television & continued to build the brand from there.”

3. He Opened His First Business at Age 19

David Tutera Business InterviewDavid Tutera on Cheddar TV – about growing a business and staying connected2018-04-09T22:07:02.000Z

Tutera is a veteran when it comes to the world of business. In fact, he opened his first business as a teenager. According to his biography on his website, Tutera was 19 when his grandfather noticed his “artistic ability.” With only one client, he decided to open up his own event planning business.

Asked why he thinks people will connect with the series My Great Big Live Wedding, Tutera says, “I think the timing for this show is perfect. It’s one hour of happiness and you’re rooting for a great couple. And it’s also about seeing the magic of what I do to making these amazing weddings come alive. It’s a feel-great show and I’m beyond excited for people to experience it.”

Some of Tutera’s net worth comes from dabbling in the acting biz, too. He appeared on the soap opera The Young and the Restless, where he played a wedding planner. Discussing the opportunity, Tutera explained, “It was AWESOME! So unexpected & fun. I was a little nervous b/c it was something I’d never done but I quickly realized how much I loved it and would LOVE to do more of it!”

4. He Is the Host of ‘My Fair Wedding’ on We TV

My Fair Wedding: Revealed – 10 Worst Bridal GownsCatch a never-before-seen look at crazy moments in WE tv's "MY FAIR WEDDING: REVEALED: DAVID, DIVAS & DISASTERS special premiering Saturday, October 20 @ 9PM E/P.2012-10-09T20:07:57.000Z

My Fair Wedding with David Tutera is currently in its 9th season. The show follows Tutera’s experience creating a “dream event” for a woman who sends in a video. The show premiered in October 2008.

In a recent interview about his new show, Tutera was asked if incorporating a live element into the show is stressful for him. He explained, “Yes! [Laughs] In all the things that I’ve done in my career and personal life, I aim to do things that have never been done. So when I was talking to Lifetime about how we were going to do this, everyone was like, ‘I don’t know. It’s never been done before.’ Which makes it even more fascinating to me. It’s a lot of moving pieces. We know that when it comes to weddings anything can happen. By filming it live, we’re telling the story with heart and honesty and we’re shooting it in a way so the TV audience feels like a guest of that wedding.”

Tutera has planned events and weddings all over the world. He says he doesn’t have a favorite place to hold events; but enjoys moving throughout the country to do what he loves most.

5. He Has Been Named as One of the Top 25 Trendsetters of the Year

Tutera has been named by Modern Bride as one of the top 25 Trendsetters of the Year.

Today, he lives in Los Angeles with his husband, Joey, daughter Cielo, and their dogs, Lucy and Teddy. Tutera’s website reads, “His little family means everything to him and he takes it very seriously and honors it and holds it very close to his heart. The abundance of love for family is important and always must come first.”

Asked what advice he gives to event planners who have just started their business, he says, “Take baby steps so you can truly learn how to execute a party. If you fail at something, you really can’t go back & fix it. Learn from your mistakes and never let the same ones happen again.”

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