Who Are the ‘Deadly Games’ Knife Throwers on AGT Champions?

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Instagram The 'Deadly Games' knife-throwing duo, Alfredo and Anna Silva, have moved on to the finals on America's Got Talent: The Champions.

The “Deadly Games” knife-throwing duet on American’s Got Talent are back following their elimination during season 11 of AGT, and are competing once again on AGT: The Champions, where the winners and finalists from previous seasons of AGT programs compete with each other for the ultimate title.

Last month, the Deadly Games act left viewers and judges’ hearts racing following a particularly nerve-wracking scene involving a leather-clad weapons experts throwing knives and shooting crossbows at objects around his partner’s head and body.

The routine, which you can watch above, started with some impressive knife-throwing skill aimed at a revolving door (in which his partner was standing in the frame), and continued with some crossbow action involving a backwards shot at a handkerchief held by his partner and only aimed through a phone camera.

Alfredo and Anna Silva, the skilled, married duet making up Deadly Games act, have been in the knife-throwing entertainment business for many years, and have not given up on becoming the AGT champs, despite their semi-final elimination in season 11. They were also a semifinalist act on ‘La France a un incroyable talent’ season 12.

According to NBC, Alfredo is a sixth-generation circus performer. He was born in Brazil and currently lives in Las Vegas. Anna is originally from Russia and is a former professional ballerina who has also worked as a choreographer. Growing up in a family of fellow performers, Alfredo studied magic, juggling and eventually mastered the Globe of Death (which is a circus stunt where stunt riders ride motorcycles inside a mesh sphere ball) before eventually making a career out of his true passion – knife throwing.

Alfredo and Anna are competing to take home the ultimate title for AGT Champions, and the couple has a pretty good shot at the title so far. In January, many fan-favorite acts went head-to-head to move forward in the competition as they all vied for Heidi Klum‘s Golden Buzzer, which catapults them straight to the finals, and the Deadly Games duo were the lucky winners of that golden buzz. The couple dedicated their winning performance to Alfredo’s sister, who survived a life-threatening accident that left her in a wheelchair, which almost caused Alfredo and Anna to quit.

“Shortly after the show [in 2016], my mother text me that my sister had an accident,” Alfredo said, according to USA Today. “My sister was an aerialist. One day she fell 30 feet high, head first without safety nets or anything to hold her and she’s been in a wheelchair ever since. It’s a miracle she’s alive.”

“I come from a family of dangerous performers. What we do for a living is very dangerous,” Alfredo continued. “Anna is the mother of my daughter, she is precious to me. Sometimes I think, ‘What if I hurt her or kill her?’ It could happen. We know the risk.”

However, the Silvas, who share a young daughter, chose not to give up, and came back to AGT with the hopes of winning the ultimate title. “I wanted to give up, but we know the risk. We don’t do this for fun, we do this because it’s our life,” Alfredo said. “For Champions, we knew we had to perform with the most dangerous routine we ever performed in our lives. For this act, I have to be so precise. If I make a mistake tonight, I can kill her.”

“I was thinking about giving up and thanks to Heidi we are here to win it,” an emotional Alfredo said through tears following Klum’s golden buzz.

The knife-throwing act will be joined in the finals round by opera and rock singer Cristina Ramos, the 2016 winner of “Spain’s Got Talent,” and two other Golden Buzzer winners – Susan Boyle and Preacher Lawson.

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