Number 2 on ‘The Umbrella Academy’: What Is Diego’s Power?


Diego (aka Number 2) is a pretty interesting character on The Umbrella Academy. But his powers are a bit understated. Here’s what he can do on the show.

Number 2 (aka Diego) has the ability to hit anyone with the knives he throws (or whatever else he chooses to throw) and he doesn’t miss. So far on the TV series, it appears that this is his only power. He’s trained a lot to become a good fighter, so much of his power also comes from his own training and not from a supernatural ability. Some viewers speculate that he can alter the laws of physics so he can curve the trajectory of whatever he throws. When it’s worded that way, his power sounds a lot more impressive.

In the comics he’s called Kraken, but that’s not relevant to the TV series. In the comics, Diego can hold his breath for a very long time, which was how he got the nickname, and knife throwing was a skill that he learned. The TV series, however, doesn’t seem to ever talk about Diego’s ability to hold his breath. Instead, it appears that his power in the series is being able to hit pretty much whatever he wants with his knives.

It’s worth noting that in the comic series, Reginald Hargreeves’ inventions augment his children’s powers. For example, he builds levitator belts that let them fly and a teleporting elevator (televator) that lets them move quickly from location to location.

Diego is also a skilled tactician and far more confident than Luther. When Diego needs to make decisions about what the group is going to do, he confidently decides even if it’s not necessarily the right thing. He tells Number Five his plan, for example, even though Five disagrees with him. Meanwhile, Luther has trouble coming up with any kind of plan, even though he feels like it’s his job based on his designation in the group. Overall, Diego has a better sense for leadership than Luther does, and Diego probably should be put in charge.

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