Donald Trump’s Siblings: Who Are His Brothers & Sisters?

Donald Trump Brothers and Sisters, Donald Trump Siblings


From stories about his wife to news about his children, Donald Trump’s family has made headlines a number of times over the past few years. But what do we know about Donald Trump’s siblings? What do we know about his brothers and sisters?

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Donald Trump has four siblings: two sisters and two brothers. All are alive today apart from his oldest brother, Fred Trump Jr., who died in 1981.

Maryanne Trump Barry is the eldest child of Fred and Mary Anne Trump. She works as a federal judge. According to a profile on Trump’s siblings by Business Insider, in a 2002 interview with New York Magazine, Maryanne said she “knew better even as a child than to compete with Donald.” Rumor has it that Donald was their father’s favorite child.

Maryanne graduated cum laude with a BA from Mount Holyoke College in 1958. She went on to receive her MA in public law and government from Columbia University in 1962. In 1974, she earned her Juris Doctor from Hofstra University Law School. She has led an extremely successful career and was even nominated to become a federal judge by President Ronald Reagan in 1983. In February 2017, she retired from active work.

Fred Trump Jr. passed away in 1981 from alcoholism. He married once, to Linda Clapp, with whom he had two children. The couple eventually divorced. A New York Times article from 2016 reads, “In a telephone interview last week, Mr. Trump said he had learned by watching his brother how bad choices could drag down even those who seemed destined to rise. Seeing his brother suffering led him to avoid ever trying alcohol or cigarettes, he said.”

He went on to say that his younger brother was “caught sort of in the middle as somebody who didn’t really love it, and only because he didn’t really love it, he wasn’t particularly good at it… My father had great confidence in me, which maybe even put pressure on Fred.” He was just 43 at the time of his death.

Elizabeth Trump, the older sister of Donald Trump, worked as an executive for Chase Manhattan Bank before eventually retiring to Florida. In 1989, she married film producer James Grau, who graduated from Northwestern University. Grau was the president of Charisma Productions, a producer of documentaries and sports movies.

Robert Trump, Donald Trump’s youngest brother, is a retired business executive. He worked as a top executive at his family’s company, as well. According to Page Six, Robert Trump underwent a very public divorce from his wife, Blaine, in 2007.

As Page Six points out, Robert was married to Blaine Trump for 25 years when he fell in love with his secretary, Ann Marie Pellan. He subsequently purchased her a $3.7 million house in Garden City, New York.

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