Cristal & Blake Spoilers on ‘Dynasty’

Getty Ana Brenda Contreras

Tonight, Dynasty airs its latest episode on the CW. The synopsis for the episode promises huge promises in store, particularly for the characters Cristal and Blake. “Cristal and Blake have a surprise visitor show up who threatens to unravel their relationship,” teases the description. Read on to learn about the surprise visitor and what to expect ahead of the episode.

There a prevailing theory as to who the surprise visitor could be. FanSided speculates that it could likely be Cristal’s ex-husband Mark Jennings, who still has yet to get the answers he wants regarding the unborn child that could be his. On last week’s episode, Cristal was forced to tell Blake (Grant Show) that Jennings was a player for her parents’ soccer team, but they forbade their romantic relationship. She insisted to Blake that their recent affair was a mistake and swears that it’s over.

It’s Believed That the Mysterious Visitor Will Be Cristal’s Ex-Husband Mark Jennings

Ana Brenda Contreras, who plays Cristal, was added to the cast in August 2018 to replace the actress who previously played Cristal, Nathalie Kelley. The CW eventually announced that Contreras would play the “real” Cristal, and that the previous version of the character that fans knew was an imposter.

“We were a little surprised she spoiled the surprise,” said CW president Mark Pedowitz. “We have plans for other characters too. [Showrunner] Sallie [Patrick] has fun twist and turns in store… It’s a wild soap, these are things you do on a soap.”

It’s Unclear What Effects This Visitor Will Have on Cristal & Blake’s Relationship

Elizabeth Gillies, who stars as Fallon Carrington on the series, talked to Town & Country Magazine about the show’s emphasis on updating the original Dynasty, and how characters like Cristal are doing just that. “If you go back and watch the original Dynasty now, like I did, you’ll be stunned by just how much the times have changed,” she said. “They were able to say things on television back then that would never fly now. Today, they’ve modernized so much of Dynasty; our cast is super diverse, which is a beautiful thing.”

“Cristal is Latina,” she added. “We really made a lot of changes, and I think it’s very relevant now with everything going on in our political climate—we’re talking about oil, we’re talking about energy, we’re tackling a lot of issues, and we didn’t follow the old structure as closely as some might’ve expected.”

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