GUHH: Vanessa Exposes a Shocking Secret

Getty Vanessa Simmons

The latest episode of Growing Up Hip Hop includes several different storylines. One includes Vanessa Simmons and what has been touted as a “shocking secret” for the rest of the family. Read on to learn what the shocking secret could be pertaining and how it relates to the rest of the season.

Vanessa has faced a number of different hurdles during season four. Her fashion career is rising to new heights, but her sister Angela is hesitant to make the aggressive business moves that Vanessa has in mind. “I just feel like she’s not taking my business opportunity serious,” she said during the January 13 episode. “And I’ve kind of had enough. I am going to move forward and do the project on my own. And no I don’t think that we’ll ever get back to working together again… I don’t see it.”

Vanessa Has Been Feuding With Her Sister Angela Over Their ‘Pastry’ Fashion Line

“I’m really confused,” Angela responded. “Because I know my sister and I had a conversation that we weren’t doing Pastry but now she’s telling me she wants to do it and already has other people and parties involved and I didn’t even know about it. So, kinda weird.”

Vanessa has simultaneously been promoting her skin care line, Sugar Me. “I am a mom on the go and I feel like my time in the bathroom is my solace,” she told The Grio. “It’s like my time where I get to woo-sah it out and just get to get away. But I also like to know that when I’m in the bathroom, I’m using products that are number one. Natural, cruelty free, not being tested on animals and that are actually doing something for your skin. [Sugar Me] products are high performance and I’ve designed them after my favorite treat.”

Vanessa Has Said That Her Sister Has Been ‘Snubbing’ Her Throughout the Season

Vanessa has also stated that she feels Angela is excluding her from activities that include the show’s other cast members. A recent episode showed Angela walking around the Winner’s Circle at a horse race, which only allows for a limited number of people. Vanessa was not one of them.

“It’s becoming very clear to me that I’m being excluded from certain things,” she said. “I’m a little hurt that I’m not being invited down to the Winner’s Circle. I’m being snubbed and it kinda sucks.”

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