Hannah Brown ‘Bachelor’ Spoilers: What Happens to Hannah B. On the Show?

Hannah Brown The Bachelor

ABC/Josh Vertucci Pictured: Hannah B. and Colton Underwood

Hannah Brown, also known as Hannah B. on The Bachelor, is one of the front-runners this season. But, before we get into all the details on what happens to Hannah B. this season, THIS IS YOUR MAJOR SPOILERS WARNING. If you don’t want to know Hannah B.’s fate on the show or anything else about The Bachelor 2019, STOP READING NOW.

With that out of the way, let’s get started. On episode 7 this season, Brown gets to go on a date with Colton Underwood in his hometown and she gets to meet some of his family. According to ABC, “Hannah B. gets a real surprise when Colton’s parents meet them during their house-hunting adventure. What do his parents think of this smitten bachelorette? And what advice can Colton’s Dad give him about handling this group of anxious women? The couple has a romantic dinner and the two discuss what their hometown date might be like. Everything seems perfect, but Colton fears something is missing. Is there a rose for a woman who has been a frontrunner from the start?”

When it comes to that “missing something”, there is … Reality Steve has reported that Brown gets eliminated on this episode, after having a date with Underwood’s parents. So, she does not make it to the hometown dates this season.

Reality Steve said that also on episode 7 of the show this season, contestants Kirpa Sudick and Heather Martin go home as well. Sudick is sent home by Underwood, while Martin reportedly eliminated herself.

For those who need a refresher on Hannah Brown from this season, she is a Miss Alabama USA, who competed against fellow Bachelor contestant Caelynn Miller-Keyes. According to her Miss USA Pageant bio, “Hannah Brown graduated magna cum laude from the University of Alabama with her bachelor’s degree in Communication and Information Sciences. Upon graduation, she combined her communication skills with her passion for interior decor and currently works as an interior designer. After battling a childhood illness, suffering the loss of loved ones to homicide, coupled with suffering from anxiety and depression in college, Hannah is dedicated to starting an open conversation about the freedom to deal with mental health challenges and the importance of forgiveness. She seeks adventure and smiles at all times; Hannah truly takes advantage of opportunities to live life to its fullest.”

On The Bachelor, Brown said that she doesn’t date “just to date” and that she “dates for marriage”. Underwood said he wasn’t sure if he could match the feelings that Brown had for him. Underwood thanked Brown for her honesty and he said that he didn’t know if he was ready for a future with Brown. He said that he couldn’t shake her father’s hand and be honest about his feelings in their relationship. Brown was confused by Underwood’s admission but accepted rejection gracefully from him, but she was definitely blindsided. She also said that she wouldn’t want Underwood to meet her family if he didn’t feel the same way for her as she did for him.

Underwood said that he knows he shocked Brown, but that, for him, “it just didn’t feel right”.

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