Is Jaime Wearing Robb’s Armor in the New Season 8 ‘Game of Thrones’ Photo?

Jamie vs. Robb's Armor

HBO Jamie vs. Robb's Armor

A new Season 8 photo from Game of Thrones reveals a tantalizing clue about the final season of the show. Not only is Jaime now sporting the much-rumored beard, but he appears to be wearing armor from the North. The photo above compares Jamie’s armor to Robb’s.

Here’s another look at Jamie’s photo:


And here are some photos of Robb:




And just in case you need a reminder, this is Jaime’s Lannister armor. He’s definitely sporting different armor in Season 8:

Yes, Jaime Lannister’s armor looks just like Robb’s. But what does this mean? A quick recap of Season 7 will show you:

Jaime stuck by Cersei for a ridiculously long time in Season 7, even after their son Tommen killed himself because of her decisions. It wasn’t until Cersei revealed that she was lying to Daenerys about siding with them and marching against the dead up North that he began to finally change his mind about her. She told him that she preferred to let Jon and Daenerys destroy their forces fighting the Night King, and then she could take down whoever emerged the victor. Jaime is furious that Cersei plotted with Euron behind his back. Then she accused him of plotting with Tyrion to help the enemies, and that was a final straw.

At the end, Jaime said he would travel north and pledge his honor there. Ser Gregor blocked him as he tried to leave, and Jaime wondered if this meant Cersei wanted him executed. Cersei told him that one Lannister was left to die (“one more yet to come”) and he realized she had become a delusional, insane tyrant (likely thinking just like the one he had to kill that earned him the name Kingslayer.) Cersei can’t bring herself to kill Jaime, so he reads, riding north.

It looks like Jaime didn’t change his mind. He truly is now part of the North. I wonder if he “bent the knee” to Daenerys or Jon?