James Jean-Louis: Who Is ‘The Titan Games’ Finale Contestant?

James Jean-Louis


Tonight is the season 1 finale of Dwayne Johnson’s The Titan Games. The show started with 64 contestants who went head to head in a series of mind and body testing “trials,” but now only 4 men and 4 women remain. In the end, one male and one female competitor will emerge victorious over the rest and be crowned as “Titan.”

One of the finalists competing is James Jean-Louis, a Budweiser truck driver from North Miami Beach, Florida. Before you watch him compete tonight, here’s what you need to know about Jean-Louis:

He Became a Father When He Was 17

According to Mens Health, James turned his life around once he became a father at the age of 17, so that he could be a positive influence for his son.

On Instagram, James shared a photo of his son Semaj on his birthday and wrote “On February 3rd 2007 God changed my life and made me a #dad but I still didn’t understand what it truly meant cause I was 17yrs old and a boy about to self destruct but then I learned that in order to raise a man I have to step up to the plate and reevaluate my life and be a father. 12yrs later we’re here and I’d say I’m proud of the young man he’s becoming.”

He Is a Personal Trainer & Competitive Body Builder

Like his fellow contestants, Jean-Louis has a dedicated fitness regimen that he shares on social media with his followers. He also regularly shares photos from the bodybuilding competitions he participates in, which give him an opportunity to showcase the hard work he puts into maintaining and developing his physical fitness and strength.

He Has Easily Defeated Every Competitor So Far

James has been a standout in this season of competition, and has made quick work of defeating each fellow contestant he’s faced so far. James Jean-Louis beat Mike Evans in the first trials, and then Jean-Louis easily defeated in the Mount Olympus Titan challenge, James Jean-Louis easily defeated Anthony Furhman. American Ninja Warrior Nation points out that he had a “powerful win” during the semi-finals’ “Atlas Smash” challenge.

Of the opportunity that The Titan Games has given him, Jean-Louis wrote on Instagram “Who would have thought that this journey all started with a golden ticket and all I had to do was. Do what I do best, which was be myself and that gave me the opportunity to see my face on the big screen. @therock @nbctitangames thank you for this opportunity. #2chances do come true when you #workhard and stay focused.”

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