Jazz Jennings’ Friends Are Concerned About Boyfriend Ahmir

Jazz Jennings

Instagram Jazz Jennings and Ahmir Steward, stars of the hit reality series "I Am Jazz."

Jazz Jennings, star of the hit TLC show I Am Jazz, is being cautioned by both friends and fans alike to take things slow with her boyfriend Ahmir Steward. Jazz recently took to Twitter to ask her fans what they thought about Ahmir, and many followed in her mom’s footsteps and warned her to slow things down.

Last week’s episode showed the 18-year-old transgender reality star revealing to Jeanette and Greg Jennings, her parents, that her new love interest Ahmir is popping by the house soon.

“I want him to come down to Florida and he might be here a lot, at the house, hanging out with me,” Jennings asks her parents in the promo clip. “Is that cool?”

“Do you feel like you’re diving in a little too deep on a first real relationship?” her father Greg asks, to which Jennings replies: “Just ’cause he’s flying down here doesn’t mean we’re diving in or it’s a huge step.”

Greg Jennings then drills his daughter with questions to find out more about her new flame, finding out that Ahmir is 19-years-old, lives in Philadelphia and graduated high school, but isn’t currently working or going to college.

Jennings parents lay down a couple of ground rules for Jennings and her new beau, including no sleeping over and no locking the door while the two are alone together. She wasn’t too thrilled with her parents’ rules, but accepts that she lives in their home and needs to follow their rules.

Just like her parents, fans responded to Jazz’s inquiry about Ahmir with some concern, mainly for the fact that he has no job and isn’t currently enrolled in college. Although she says she is trying to motivate him to go back to school, fans have still cautioned her about moving too fast and falling too quickly for the young man. Here’s what some I Am Jazz followers said about it, courtesy of TV Shows Ace:

  • Tori: “Happy to see you so happy. But as a mom, my first concern is why doesn’t he have a job or go to school? Did he know of you as (a) celeb b4 you met? Take it slow. Make sure he has goals and is driven. You deserve happiness.”
  • Analiza: “As a mom, I’m going to say WATCH OUT. Until this episode, I did not realize you were valedictorian. Interesting that at 19 he is not focused on a path in life. Never settle for less than you deserve. I haven’t seen enough to form an opinion, just would like to see you happy.”
  • Sara: ” I’m excited for you but a bit concerned that he has no solid goals for the future. Self-motivation is important.”

Others felt that he wasn’t trying to rush her into anything, which they believe shows a level of maturity from the 19-year-old. Some also said that as long as Jazz is happy, it’s none of her fans’ business either way. And Jazz does seem pretty happy; the above Instagram photo shows the two with their arms around each other, with Jazz smiling at the camera and Ahmir smiling at her.

Some of her Instagram followers also cautioned her in the comments on the photo of the two together, while others wished them well. One user wrote: “He is not right for you Jazz please be careful,” and another said: “you 2 are so cute together and best of luck to you!”

What do you think of Jazz’s new boyfriend? Do you think she is rushing into things with Ahmir, or do you think he is a good match for her? Let us know in the comments below, and tune in to Am Jazz, which airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on TLC.

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