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Jennifer Aydin Husband


Jennifer Aydin is a new addition to the Real Housewives of New Jersey cast and she has added some fire and color into the mix. Aydin and her husband, Dr. Bill Aydin, are clearly well-off. And, Aydin is not shy about showing off her luxurious house and lifestyle to the RHONJ ladies, as well as the fans. Some of Aydin’s comments about her life and her assets have rubbed some of her fellow housewives negatively. Fights have erupted, especially when Aydin lets loose.

During one of the fights, Aydin’s marriage was attacked and cheating allegations were thrown her way by Margaret Josephs, who apologized soon after. After the episode aired, Distractify reported that Aydin said, “I’m not saying people don’t cheat. Do whatever you want to do behind closed doors, but [take it] to the fucking grave.” She also went on to explain why Josephs infidelity comments upset her so much after Josephs revealed her mother was involved in an affair.

Aydin told Bravo, “You know what, you’re telling me that your mother’s last love was someone who was married and you want me to feel bad that that man never left his wife? How about that wife who probably stayed with her husband all that time knowing that he was probably cheating and stayed for whatever reason that she had, either her kids or her livelihood.” Whatever goes on in Aydin’s marriage, she clearly wants to keep it private. Plus, Josephs admitted she knew nothing of actual cheating in their relationship.

Dr. Bill is a Syrian Orthodox plastic surgeon and the couple maintains a traditional marriage. While her husband works, Aydin tends to the children, though she does have help in the home. Aydin revealed to Bravo that, “If my husband is in a good mood and in a good place. “Mommy gets whatever she wants. I do what needs to be done to keep harmony and peace in my home. And it may not be for everybody, I get it. There are feminists out there — they’re all angry and riled up.” Aydin doesn’t often take time for herself, as she is a mother of five, who keeps an old-fashioned home life.

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According to Bustle, Aydin’s palatial home sits “on the highest spot in Paramus” and that the mansion took three years to build. Aydin and her family moved into it in 2017, within a year of beginning to film RHONJ. According to People, Aydin’s home has nine bedrooms, an 8,000-square-foot basement, and 16 bathrooms.

On an episode of RHONJ, Aydin dished on the inner-workings of her home life and her use of the family’s nanny. Plus, she talked about checking her hired help to make sure nothing goes missing. Aydin said, “I don’t have a nanny that raises my kids, I have a ‘wife.’ That’s what I call it. I have a woman to cook and clean for me because I have seven bedrooms upstairs. I have two more guest rooms in my basement, and my basement has 11-foot high ceilings … I have a security system in my house. A lot of the rooms have cameras, and my nannies — before they leave — I do random bag checks.”

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