Number 4 on ‘The Umbrella Academy’: What Is Klaus’s Power?


Klaus is the most disregarded of the siblings throughout The Umbrella Academy‘s first season, except for Vanya. Because he’s high a lot and not very reliable, the team typically just makes him the lookout. But Klaus actually has more abilities than even he realizes. This post has spoilers for season 1 and Klaus’s story. 

Number 4 (aka Klaus) has the ability to conjure the dead and speak to them. This is overwhelming to him, which is why he stays high most of the time — it seems to dampen his skills. However, Ben (who is dead) is permanently conjured and always talking to him, which is likely because of how close they were when they were alive. Some fans think that maybe Ben didn’t actually die, but that’s a theory for another story.

In the comics, Klaus had telekinesis, which he doesn’t appear to have in the TV series. In fact, some viewers have complained that Klaus is underpowered compared to his counterpart in the comics.

However, Klaus does develop a new skill near the end of Season 1 that rivals telekinesis or is even better. Klaus is able to allow whoever he is conjuring to exist and use their powers in the real world. We only see him do this with Ben, but we can assume he’ll eventually learn to do this with everyone. And when he finally achieves this with Ben, it’s amazing to behold. Ben can use all the same powers that he could use when he was alive. This might just make Klaus one of the most powerful of the Umbrella team.

Some viewers are also speculating that, based on the end of the season, Klaus might be immortal. We see him “appear” to die in the club and meet a character who might be god. However, it’s also possible that he just passed out. It’s not clear what happened in that scene.

It’s worth noting that in the comic series, Reginald Hargreeves’ inventions augment his children’s powers. For example, he builds levitator belts that let them fly and a teleporting elevator (televator) that lets them move quickly from location to location.

TV Guide asked Robert Sheehan if we’ve seen Klaus’s full powers yet on the show. “Of course not,” he said. “Surely he’s still blossoming in the potential arena. Surely. There’s bound to be more stuff to discover.”

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