Kyle Richards’ House Robbed, Stores Were Closing & TV Show Was Canceled in 2018

Kyle Richards House

Photo by: Tommy Garcia/Bravo

Kyle Richards has had a lot of changes going on since season 8 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. So, what has been going on in Richards’ personal life? Read on for the rundown on her home life tragedies and professional setbacks, as she continues to power through.

‘American Woman’ Was Canceled

For those who remember, Richards created a TV show based on her life, which caused fighting among her sisters, who were against the show. It was called American Woman and starred Alicia Silverstone. In September 2018, TV Line reported that the show had been canceled after just one season. After the show’s cancellation was revealed, Kyle Richards told Bravo, “I’m so proud of the show we made and am so grateful for the talented team of people it took to create it. We put our hearts & souls into it … So many of you have expressed your love for the show. Maybe we will find it a new home …”

Kyle Richards’ Stores Have Closed

Reality Blurb reported that Kyle Richards has been closing her clothing stores and fans may wonder why. The reason for this is not because Richards is getting out of the fashion business. Apparently, she is distancing herself from her ‘Alene Too’ business partner.

A rep for Richards told Page Six that Richards has other fashion plans in the works. The rep stated, “Kyle is excited to be opening a new brick and mortar store in West Hollywood along with a revamped e-commerce site which will both launch in 2019. The new venture will also be offering options for men and will no longer be affiliated with Alene Too.”

Kyle Richards’ House Was Burglarized

On the season 8 reunion of RHOBH, Kyle Richards revealed that her new home had been robbed. The house was undergoing renovations when she and her family were on vacation. She was then alerted that her entire collection of expensive handbags and jewelry had been stolen. When speaking to Andy Cohen on the reunion, she said she didn’t know if she could stay in the house.

When it came to the robbery, Richards said it was most difficult dealing with the disappearance of items given to her or left to her by her mother. Richards told People, “The sentimental was the hardest because it was personal. I can’t replace those things. But everything I had was either gifts or sentimental or I worked my ass off for them.”

Richards opted to stay in the new house, put in a stronger security system and continue with the renovation. The Encino property formerly belonged to Smokey Robinson.

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