Is LaToya Jackson the Alien on ‘The Masked Singer’?

The Masked Singer Alien


As we head towards the last few episodes of FOX’s hit series The Masked Singer, the identity of the remaining performers remains unknown. Chief among these performers is the Alien, who has sparked several fan theories as to her real identity. Find out why it could be LaToya Jackson below!

The Alien has given us a decent number of clues so far. First off, she has a gold music record attached to her costume, which suggests that she could be a Grammy winner or at least a nominee. The odds are high that she is a music artist, or has some background in the field of music.

Many Fans Are Convinced That LaToya Jackson Is the Alien on ‘The Masked Singer’

The Alien says she grew up in the public eye and doesn’t ever want to be “controlled” again. She goes on to say that for the first time ever, the world gets to hear her voice on her own terms. This could mean that she comes from a musical family, or was part of a musical group made up of family members. The Alien also says she has many siblings.

LaToya Jackson fits many of these clues. La Toya,  comes from the legendary Jackson family, which has been famous for the past five decades starting with the group the Jackson 5. Her late father, Joe Jackson, was infamous for being strict and controlling when it came to raising his children. LaToya also has multiple sisters, including Janet, Jermaine, and Michael Jackson.

Many of the Events of LaToya’s Personal Life Coincide With the Clues Offered by the Alien

Masked Singer judges Jenny McCarthy and Robin Thicke have theorized that the Alien could actually be Nicole or Sofia Richie, but the Inquisitr points out that LaToya still makes the best case for being under the costume. They point out that LaToya was once a cast member on the reality series Armed and Famous, where celebrities were eventually sworn in as deputies to the Muncie, Indiana, Police Department.

The badge, a very unique clue and signifier as to the Alien’s identity, has stumped audiences. It’s very likely that LaToya’s stint on Armed and Famous would explain where the badge originates from. The Alien revealed that she’s a “quadruple threat” and has “recorded many things.” LaToya is listed as a singer, songwriter, actress, and businesswoman on her Wikipedia, and has released nine studio albums to date.

As far as the Grammy clue is concerned, LaToya was nominated for a Grammy for co-writing the Jimmy Cliff single “Reggae Nights.” As far as we’re concerned, it’s looking like the Alien is almost certainly her.

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