Why Is No One Speaking to Lisa Vanderpump on RHOBH Season 9?

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There’s trouble in paradise. On an all-new season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the ladies don’t seem to want to talk to Lisa Vanderpump.

What’s going on here? What’s the deal? And why did Van Der Pump come back for the new season in the first place?

Here’s what you should know.

Lisa has been clashing with the other ladies for some time now, and it all supposedly has to do with… a dog.

In September, Dorit Kemsley purchased a dog from Lisa Vanderpump’s rescue organization before swiftly allegedly returning into a shelter. Why? Because the dog bit Phoenix.

In their article titled, “Lisa Vanderpump Furious With Dorit Kemsley Over Rescued Pup She Abandoned At A Shelter,” Radar Online writes that the dog debacle is what led to Lisa and Dorit’s splintered relationship. The outlet writes, “A source tells RadarOnline.com exclusively Vanderpump blacklisted the bubbly blonde after she adopted a pup from the restaurateur’s rescue only to dump the dog off at a shelter soon thereafter.”

Another source, however, told People that’s not how things panned out. The source said that the Kemsleys called Lisa after deciding to find another family for the dog, and she “understood.” When TMZ approached her outside a rescue center in September, Lisa reportedly defended Dorit’s actions to give up the dog, saying, “She did not give it to a shelter; I’m gonna set the record straight with that, that’s not true at all,” Vanderpump said. “She gave it to somebody who really wanted the dog, who assured her it was going to a loving home, and that’s what Dorit thought. She would not drop the dog off at a shelter.”

Then why the riff?

For a while there, Lisa wasn’t even sure she was going to return to RHOBH for another season.

Speaking on The Talk in November 2018, Lisa said of returning to the reality show, “That’s like saying, ‘Am I invited to your Christmas party next year?’ I have no idea if the show’s picked up.”

She went on to admit that she “floundered” during the ninth season of the show. “It’s my ninth season and I had a very difficult year and after doing Vanderpump Rules and opening a new business, things got very complicated. So I’m in most of the season, but it got a bit complicated.”

When Denise Richards visited Live with Kelly and Ryan recently, she said that she was not talking to costar Lisa Vanderpump. “My status right now with Lisa is not good,” Richards said. “I’m sad to say we’re not speaking at the moment.”

Richards went on to say the ball is now in Vanderpump’s court.

As Celebrity Insider points out, much of the gossip surrounding season 9 has to do with the fact that Vanderpump has had a “falling out” with the entire cast. And in the words of Reality Blurb, that fight had to do with Lisa leaking the story about Dorit Kemsley and the dog to the media.

How will things play out on the new season? Can the ladies’ friendships be salvaged? Be sure to tune in to the Season 9 premiere tonight at 9pm ET/PT on Bravo.