Are Lizzie and Scott Still Together on Love After Lockup?

Love After Lockup

Instagram Are Lizzie and Scott from Love After Lockup still together amid rumors that Scott was cheating on Lizzie? Read on for more information about the rumored affair.

Lizze and Scott, stars on WE’s reality show Love After Lockup, are experiencing some trouble in paradise after a picture of a mystery woman popped up on Scott’s Instagram story.

After the photo was posted, Lizzie took to Instagram to express her frustration. “I was really upset that Scott has a picture of another woman on his Instagram story,” she wrote along with a photo of her daily devotional. “I read my daily devotional and it says keep your focus on God don’t worry about this!” She added a string of hash tags that included #putgodfirst, #upset, #sad, #why, #trynottocry, #wetv, #loveafterlockup, and #dailydevotional.

Her daughter Jazmyne also jumped online to defend her mother, calling out Scott for possibly cheating on her mom:

@scottloveafterlockup what the actual f**k, I’m looking at all this bullsh*t about you cheating on my mom with another b*tch. Like who the f**k is she? Was she there for you when you broke down? Was she there to pick you right back up? Everyone has issues even you! I’m not saying my mom doesn’t have any but my mom was there for you just like you were there for her. We’re not talking about money we are talking about love and feelings and commitment. You made a promise, you got down on one f**king knee and asked her to marry you. Now look at you. F**king sh*t up. I’m disappointed, I thought I could trust you to care for her to love her. She’s calling my ass early in the morning telling me all this sh*t. I’m obviously gonna stick up for her. When you see this Scott get your ass out of bed and give me a call so I can b*tch your ass out some more.

Scott denies that he had an affair however, and claims that the woman was “stocking” (stalking) him after they two went on a few dates in the past, writing: “Sorry honey I’m Being stocked [sic] by Some weirdo. Last month my iPhone stolen I replaced it with an android. I think this idiot’s reading my text messages And She keeps blocking Elizabeth. Is this even possible. Every time I leave the house. She just shows up. This person Is gonna find out real quick what it feels like To be a victum.”He also added in another comment: “Honey I’m pist off right now whoever did this is gonna pay.”

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Lizzie and Scott apparently talked more behind the scenes, according to Starcasm, and Lizzie jumped back on social media to express how badly she wants to believe him, but she just doesn’t know how to feel at this time. “Update everybody so Scott went on a couple dates with this girl and “supposably” she is stalking him…. that’s why last night when they were hanging out she used his phone and took pictures of herself I don’t know if that’s true or not but I believe that’s what happened???” she wrote on Instagram, followed by a series of sad, angry and confused emojis.

She also responded to Jazmyne’s post, writing: “omg, Scott was like, “whoever did this is going to pay,  so his new g/f grabbed his phone and posted a photo, that’s the only way it can be done!”

The validity of the rumors is unclear at this time. The alleged affair comes just days after WE announced that they were extending the second season from 14 episodes to 24, so many fans are left wondering if this might just be some publicity stunt to extend their story line.

However, before news broke of Scott’s alleged side woman, the couple looked like they were generally happy, living a comfortable, domestic life in Wisconsin, so fans are crossing their fingers that Scott isn’t lying, and has a legitimate stalker (although he could press charges against the woman if she is actually stalking him, if he is serious enough to prove that he isn’t sleeping with her).

What do you think? Do you think Scott is lying to Lizzie, and seeing another woman on the side? Or do you think he’s got some crazy woman trying to split him and Lizzie up? Let us know in the comments below, and tune in tonight at 9/8c to catch the newest episode.

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