Luke Perry Kids: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Luke Perry


Luke Perry has died following a massive stroke. On Thursday, February 28, TMZ reported that Perry, 52, had been hospitalized following a “massive stroke.”

“Paramedics responded to Luke’s home in Sherman Oaks around 9:40 AM. We know the call came into the fire department for someone suffering a stroke, and Luke was transported to a nearby hospital. It’s unclear what his condition is right now,” the outlet reported.

Four days later, the outlet confirmed that he had passed away.

Perry was the father of two children. The actor, best-known for his role on Beverly Hills, 90210, has a daughter named Sophie and a son named Jack. Perry was married to Sophie and Jack’s mother, Rachel Sharp, from 1993 until 2003. He was engaged to Wendy Madison Bauer at the time of his death.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. His Kids Were by His Side at the Time of His Passing

Luke Perry kids

Both of Perry’s kids Jack and Sophie were by his side at the time of his death. Since suffering the stroke last week, Perry was being cared for at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Burbank. According to TMZ, Perry was also surrounded by other loved ones, including his fiance Wendy Madison Bauer, his ex-wife, Minnie Sharp, his mother, Ann Bennett, his step-father, Steve Bennett, his brother, Tom Perry, and his sister, Amy Coder.

“His reps said doctors had sedated Luke, hoping to give his brain a fighting chance to recover from the trauma of the stroke … but apparently, the damage was too extensive,” the site reported on Monday.

The Perry family has not released a statement of any kind following his passing.

2. Perry & Sharp Divorced in 2003

Luke Perry kids

Luke Perry and Rachel Sharp, who often goes by her nickname “Minnie,” tied the knot in 1993. They welcomed two children, Jack and Sophie, before their split.

Perry’s publicist confirmed the news of the split to E! back in May 2003. Details about why Perry and Sharp decided to divorce aren’t clear.

Despite Perry and Sharp’s split, they have been dedicated to raising their kids together, which is something that is very important to Perry.

“Love them as much as you can and talk to them as much as you can. Make time for them,” he told Us Weekly during a Facebook Live back in 2017.

3. His Son Is a  Wrestler Who Goes by the Name ‘Jungle Boy’ Nate Coy

Luke Perry Attends Local Event To Support His Son, Aspiring Wrestler Named ‘Jungle Boy’Former 90210 star Luke Perry attended a wrestling event known for death matches this weekend in East Los Angeles, but not because he’s a fan — the actor was there to support his son “Jungle Boy“. Watch the video and read the full story at

Jack Perry has been a wrestler for several years, taking the wrestling world by storm in 2015. He goes by the name “Jungle Boy” Nate Coy.

In January, it was reported that Jack, 21, inked a deal with All Elite Wrestling.

“He’s notably worked a couple of shows for Game Changer Wrestling. AEW was originally looking to lock him into a two-year deal, but Perry alongside his father and legal representatives felt that at this stage in his career, he shouldn’t commit to anything long term,” according to The Ring Report.

Luke Perry has been spotted at various matches to cheer on and support his son.

4. Perry Wouldn’t Want His Daughter to Date His ‘90210’ Character

Luke Perry Would Not Let His Teenage Daughter Date His ‘90210’ Character DylanLuke Perry’s portrayal of bad-boy Dylan McKay made his career, but would he want his 16-year-old daughter dating his ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ character? Find out what he said!2017-03-03T19:26:25.000Z

In an interview with Us Weekly, Perry talked about his 90210 character Dylan McKay and said that he wouldn’t want his daughter to date someone like that.

“I know that brother, I know what he’s up to,” Perry told the outlet. “He’s absolutely a man of character, so she could do worse. But it wouldn’t be my first pick, no,” he added.

When it comes to his career, however, Perry says that his kids haven’t shown much interest.

“They don’t think of my career. They don’t think of it at all. I have seen my children sit on the couch with the remote control and flip by me like three different times,” he explained.

5. His Son Has Inherited His Parents’ Good Looks

Although Luke Perry and his ex-wife have done a great job shielding their kids from the mainstream spotlight, photos of his son Jack have circulated on the internet in the past.

Jack, in particular, has inherited the good looks of his parents; he has his dad’s facial features and his mom’s hair. Just last month, Women’s Day posted an article about Jack and pointed out just how similar he looks to his dad.

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