Mark Jackson Is the Actor Who Portrays Isaac on ‘The Orville’

Isaac on The Orville

FOX Isaac on The Orville

Tonight we’re going to learn a lot more about Isaac and his homeworld on The Orville. That’s why it’s good to have a little refresher about the actor who plays him. Mark Jackson is not just the voice of Isaac, he also dresses as Isaac in every episode. Not only that, but he also played the human form of Isaac. He’s a great addition to the cast.

Mark Jackson is an English actor whose previous credits included a few video shorts and portraying a character named Gavin on The Royal Today in 2008. Jackson also has extensive stage credits, including Noises Off at London’s Old Vic Theatre, an international tour of One Man Two Guvnors, and playing Captain Stewart in National Theatre’s War Horse.

Jackson told that he’s a big sci-fi fan, so he was excited about the chance to take this role. “This is exactly the kind of show that I’d watch, even if I wasn’t in it.”

Before tonight’s episode aired, Jackson tweeted that a lot of questions fans have had about Isaac are going to be answered.

Fans always liked Isaac, but they fell in love with him after A Happy Refrain aired this season, and Claire and Isaac became an official item. Who knew that a species who doesn’t have emotions could be so romantic?

They’re an adorable couple.

But back to Mark Jackson. According to IMDB, he was born in Rotterdam to British parents. His mom, Jill Cornelius, is a nurse from Coventry. HIs dad, Andy Jackson, is an engineer from Birkenhead. He has a younger sister named Danielle. When he was just two, his dad’s work sent the family to the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia, Caavo reported. He studied at The British School of the Netherlands and The Birkenhead School. He also trained at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.

Jackson risked a lot for his Isaac role. He was hired with just a tape audition, and when he moved to Los Angeles in 2017, he left behind his fiancee, his friends, and his family. Between the first and second season, Jackson got married, so all that risk paid off in the end for him.

By the way, this next tweet isn’t true, but it’s pretty funny:

Jackson has said that wearing Isaac’s suit isn’t uncomfortable. The studio keeps the air conditioning really cold, so everyone else is wearing coats when they can. “I was really temperate in my suit and was quite happy,” he told “…It’s quite space age, that suit. They put a lot of man hours into making it very comfortable and deluxe. So it was quite enjoyable, actually…”

Before tonight’s episode aired, Jackson told “You are gonna find out how he got his name, actually. And it wasn’t how I thought he got his name. So that was interesting.”

Jackson told Pop Culturalist that his favorite “guilty pleasure” TV show is The Expanse.

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