‘Married At First Sight’ Season 8 Couples Still Together: Predictions

married at first sight couples which couples will stay together predictions


Getting married at first sight is a huge risk, but it’s one these four couples were willing to take for a shot at love.

Now, the question is, did it work? Of the four sets of couples on the show this season, which ones do we predict will stay together?

At this point, the couples are moving in together, which means fights are about to break out.

Here are our predictions for the couples:

Kristine and Keith

Last week on the show, Kristine and Keith shared with the cameras that they finally had sex. “Marriage so far has been pretty good,” Kristine said. And Keith responded, “No complaints on this end.”

At another point, Keith said, “I don’t know what love means, but I’m starting to feel it with Kristine.” Kristine also seemed to get giddy talking about Keith when the women when they had their girl time.

Our prediction? They’ll make it. The two seemed to love waking up next to one another, and seem like a perfect fit. In Keith’s words, being with Kristine is “paradise.”

Jasmine and Will

Our vote? Jasmine and Will may just make it, too. They’re being smart in that they’re building their friendship before anything else, and Will seems excited to live with his new wife. Jasmine, on the other hand, has a couple of issues with the way Will does things. For example– she likes her turkey bacon cooked to perfection. And if Will doesn’t do it her way, she’ll step in and take over. But we don’t think that will get in the way of “happily ever after.”

On last week’s episode, Jasmine said, “Two weeks in and it’s easy to go to sleep with each other. It’s easy to wake up with each other. But as far as sex… not yet.” She adds that she sees Will as a friend with potential… which could really go either way.

Kate and Luke

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Kate and Luke will likely not stay together. The couple has been experiencing some trust issues and Luke has trouble respecting his new wife.

During their girl time, Kate was very quiet with the other ladies. When she finally spoke up, she said the romance part of it isn’t quite there between the two, which has made things difficult.

The other couples seem to recognize their struggles, too. Kristine said of the Kate and Luke, “It seems as though Kate and Luke just can’t seem to get the fit… their puzzle pieces don’t work quite the way they wanted them to.”

Stephanie and AJ

Stephanie and AJ will likely make it. Stephanie is willing to do what it takes to stay together with AJ, and the two seem to be going pretty strong so far.

AJ apologizes for getting short with Stephanie during their move in. “I just want you to be happy,” Stephanie says to AJ. He responds, “You do a good job of making me happy.”

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