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Sister Wives, TLC’s reality show starring America’s favorite polygamist Kody Brown and his wives, is back and airs on Sundays at 8/7c. The newest season has been filled with plenty of love, laughter and drama for the Brown family as they come together to face new beginnings and close old wounds.

Fans of the show will remember that during the last season, first wife Meri revealed her goal of starting a bed and breakfast. She wanted to purchase a home that had been in her family for more than a century before it was sold in the 1980s. To make her dream come true, Meri is looking to Kody and her fellow sister wives for help.

“I’m being really careful about holding it in right now,” she revealed about her feelings toward the B&B. “Because part of me just wants to stand up and say ‘OK fine, I don’t need you guys.’” However, Kody has questioned Meri’s intentions in purchasing the B&B, causing even more tension between the two.

“I’ve struggled, personally, not to see it as sort of self-indulgent, that it’s never been about the family, it’s just been about Meri needing this house in her family,” Kody explains in the series premiere promo. “It’s never been about how it could benefit our children.”

In the promo, Meri’s feelings are also hurt after asking fellow wives Christine and Janelle if they would help with the down payment, saying she feels hurt that they would only offer to help her if they could become partners in the business. “I need to tell you, I feel like you guys are saying, ‘Well, why can’t we be part of your business?’ Because this is something that I was just not understanding,” Meri tells the group while fighting back tears. “This is all new to me so I’m just kind of doing what I can and trying to figure it out by myself.”

On the most recent episode of Sister Wives, Meri snubbed her fellow wives and husband when she went to close on the beloved home that she was turning into a B&B. During the episode, Meri went to Utah to close on the home, and her mother Bonnie, brother Adam and cousin were invited to the closing when she signed the papers.

Janelle and the other wives were upset they weren’t involved in the closing, but Meri claimed she snubbed them because they didn’t seem interested in the business or supportive of her dreams of opening the B&B.

“I invite people to do things with me and it doesn’t happen,” Meri explained. “Not one of you guys have come to me and talked to me about it unless I instigate the conversation. I don’t want you to feel like I’m pushing you.”

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However, despite the many hurtles Meri faced to open her business, she now runs one of the most successful B&B’s in the state of Utah, according to Romper. You can even go visit the establishment, officially called Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, if you want to check out the project that Meri has been so passionate about for so long.

“The inn is located in Parowan, Utah, and according to its website, it is nestled in one of the first southern Utah settlements,” Romper reports. “The home was built by Meri’s great-great-grandparents — the Adam’s family — in 1870 and is named after her great-grandmother, Lizzie. When visiting, you can stay in one of four charming rooms — the Bee Room, the East Room, the Grandma Room, and Sarah’s Room. The rates (which are subject to change) currently run from $125 to $155 per night, depending on which room you choose.”

If you are interested in checking in to Meri’s lovely bed and breakfast, check out booking information and details on reservations here.

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