Is the Monster Cee Lo Green on ‘The Masked Singer’?

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The monster has proven he’s here to stay on The Masked Singer. Each week, the performer in the fuzzy blue costume has brought his A-game, and each week, the judges have vocalized how impressed they are with his pipes. But who could the monster be? Some people think it’s Cee Lo Green, but is that possible?

Here’s what we know.

At this point in time, it’s clear the monster is none other than T-Pain.

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Here’s what we know about the monster: he’s 5’8″ and his weakness it that he’s “misunderstood”. He has also shared that he has left the public eye after what the world called him, and now, he wants to come back with a new mixtape.

In one of his intro videos, the monster said he wants to “rewrite his mixtape to prove that I’m more than just puff and fluff.” Another discreet clue is that most of the monster’s intro videos have been autotuned.

Why is the monster T-Pain? To start with, let’s go to the “misunderstood” clue. T-Pain has been heavily criticized for using autotune in his music, so much so that it’s forced him to step back from the music world in general (though he did release an album called “Oblivion” in 2017.)

And what about him being called a “monster”? As Good Housekeeping points out, there was an incident in August of last year when T-Pain was questioned for showing up to Atlanta International Airport with a loaded handgun.

But perhaps the biggest clue is right here:

VideoVideo related to is the monster cee lo green on ‘the masked singer’?2019-02-20T19:25:10-05:00

T-Pain’s vocals from the video above match the monster’s vocals perfectly.

So, while Cee Lo Green matches in some respects, such as his height, the whole ‘staying out of the spotlight’ thing doesn’t quite make sense. And the internet seems to agree. While they thought the monster could be Cee Lo Green at first, they now seem to think that the monster is none other than T-Pain.

Now, the question is, when will he be unmasked?

So far, the hippo, pineapple, deer, poodle, unicorn, the alien, and raven have all been unmasked. We have the rabbit, monster, lion, peacock, and bee left. For those of you new to the show, it works like this: each week the masked celebrities take to the stage to belt out a song. The judges guess the identity of the singer, and the audience votes who they want to stay. At the end of the episode, the masked celebrity with the smallest number of votes is eliminated and revealed.

Who will be unmasked on tonight’s episode of The Masked Singer?

Tune into tonight at 9pm ET/PT on Fox to find out.

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