Oscars 2019 Best Actor Winner Predictions

Bradley Cooper

BEN STANSALL/AFP/Getty Images Director Bradley Cooper holds the award for Original Music for "A Star Is Born" won at the 2019 BAFTA Awards in London.

In 11 of the last 16 years, the Academy Award for Best Actor went to an actor starring in a biopic. While that’s not the only reason Christian Bale and Rami Malek are front-runners in the competition, it certainly doesn’t hurt. That said, the category is stacked with talent this year and everybody (Academy members included) loves a surprise win by a worthy underdog.

Who will the Oscar for Best Actor? Here’s a rundown of the nominees followed by our prediction below.

Christian Bale – Vice

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#movieoftheday Oscar 2019 – Vice do diretor Adam McKay conta uma parte da vida de Dick Cheney, vice-presidente dos Estados Unidos no mandato de George W Bush após a acirrada eleição de 2000, e reconhecido como o principal arquiteto da “Guerra ao Terror” iniciada após os ataques de 11 de setembro. O protagonista aqui é completamente sem carisma, apático e calculista, que mostra características que o tornaram uma proeminente figura política. Destaque para Bale, reconhecido como um camaleão nos filmes que faz, que além da mudança física aposta e acerta na mudança de voz e progressão dessa com o envelhecimento do personagem transparecendo o aprimoramento de suas habilidades políticas, talvez seu maior empecilho para ganhar na categoria melhor ator seja o favorito Rami Malek. Amy Adams e Steve Carell tem o objetivo de contrapor essa quase completa apatia, especialmente, Amy como a esposa do protagonista aparece muito bem em seu papel, porém sem chances de ganhar esse Oscar. A montagem do filme é frenética e ajuda no tom sarcástico, sendo um dos favoritos a estatueta nessa categoria. Agora o que pesa no filme é o roteiro confuso que apela para diversos artifícios como a não linearidade, metáforas explícitas, artificialidade, prejudicando as atuações e o filme como um todo, apesar de ter boas sacadas. De todos os indicados a melhor filme, apesar de interessante historicamente, esse talvez seja o mais fraco. Nota ⭐⭐⭐ #oscar #oscar2019 #christianbale #amyadams #stevecarell #samrockwell #adammckay #dickcheney #georgewbush #vice #vicemovie #oscarbestmovie

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Biopic nominee number one Christian Bale made noise in the industry after completely transforming his physicality to portray former Vice-President Dick Cheney. He gained 40 pounds and even bleached his eyebrows to slip into the Veep’s shoes, but it wasn’t the first time he’s gone to such drastic measures for a role (see also, The Machinist). Bale definitely goes above and beyond for his performances, and that dedication has awarded him heaps of kudos and brownie points from inside the industry and out. Bale wheezes and groans his way through Vice playing a man impaired by a failing heart who navigates moral compromises while he desperately clutches onto his power. Will Bale clutch an Oscar statue tonight?

Willem Dafoe – At Eternity’s Gate

In At Eternity’s Gate, Willem Dafoe serves up a fresh take on the 19th-century master of painting Vincent van Gogh. Directed by Julian Schnabel, the film zeroes in on the artist’s final years in the South of France. Dafoe, now a four-time Academy Award nominee, learned to paint for the role and immersed himself in the life of van Gogh in order to awaken the inspiration needed to play such a colorful character. Dafoe has yet to take home an Oscar, though he was nominated as recent as last year for The Florida Project. Will his van Gogh gig become his magnum opus?

Rami Malek – Bohemian Rhapsody

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• [English] This time we go really back to July of 2015, when Chris Slater and Rami attended the San Diego Comic Con to promote Mr. Robot first season! And to think that they’re now discussing the episodes of the final one! ? Back then, they discussed first season and the evolution of their respective characters with Collider, and here’s a bit of what Rami shared on becoming Elliot: “I just wanted to be as informed as possible. I wanted to get inside what was going on in his head, so I just read as much as I could about certain mental illnesses and anxiety, and the triggers of how these things begin in people. It’s not easy for me ‘cause I like to go to those dark places. I just get drawn to it. I start thinking about how relatable Elliot is. He’s lonely and sad about the world that he lives in and he’s numbing himself with morphine. I get out of that because I’m surrounded by really good, fun people at work that, in between takes, don’t let me be this sad guy. I just jump around, telling jokes and poking fun at everything”. ? @iheartmaarten • [Español] Esta vez volvemos muy atrás a Julio de 2015, cuando Chris Slater y Rami asistieron a la Comic Con de San Diego para promover la primera temporada de Mr. Robot. ¡Y pensar que ahora están discutiendo los episodios de la temporada final! ? En ese entonces, discutieron la primera temporada y la evolución de sus respectivos personajes con Collider, y aquí hay un poco de lo que Rami compartió acerca de convertirse en Elliot: “Quería estar lo más informado posible. Quería entrar en lo que estaba pasando en su cabeza, así que leí todo lo que pude sobre ciertas enfermedades mentales y la ansiedad, y los factores desencadenantes de cómo estas cosas comienzan en las personas. No es fácil para mí porque me gusta ir a esos lugares oscuros. Simplemente me siento atraído por eso. Empiezo a pensar en lo fácil que es identificarse con Elliot. Está solo. Está triste por el mundo en el que vive y su anestesia es la morfina. Salgo de eso porque estoy rodeado de personas realmente buenas y divertidas en el trabajo que, entre tomas, no me dejan estar tan triste. Me distraigo, contando chistes y burlándome de todo”. ? @iheartmaarten

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Not many actors can step into the enigma that is Queen’s Freddie Mercury, but Rami Malek did just that with incredible panache. After many false starts and a director swap mid-shoot, Bohemian Rhapsody‘s final product praises the legendary Mercury’s artistry and stamp on music, and that’s thanks to the anchor that is Malek. Many sequins, wigs, jumpsuits, and prosthetic teeth later, Rami transformed into the complex frontman, giving Queen fans a glimpse behind the curtain as to who Mercury was, what motivated him, and what his struggles were throughout his life. Will Malek be crowned champion tonight?

Viggo Mortensen – Green Book

In Peter Farrelly’s Green Book, Viggo Mortensen plays Tony Vallelonga, an Italian-American driver who easily could’ve come off as hokey in lesser hands. Under Mortensen’s watchful eye, the brash New Yorker with a penchant for fighting comes off as open and heartfelt as he comes to learn about and understand his employer, the refined pianist Don Shirley (Mahershala Ali), in 1962 society. A lapse in judgment involving the N-word at a Hollywood Q&A may have set him back even further, but it’s unlikely to be Mortensen’s year regardless, despite his sincere and pointed performance.

Bradley Cooper – A Star Is Born

Bradley Cooper starred as Jackson Maine in a film he also wrote and directed, the fourth iteration of the classic tale A Star Is Born. His character is weary and vulnerable, struggling with an illness that quickly catches up to him regardless of his success or love for Lady Gaga’s Ally. Cooper plays Maine’s vulnerability with such strength that it’s nearly impossible for the audience to not feel empathetic for Jackson, a man who has clearly endured grief and sadness that have taken a strong toll on his wellbeing. Before his three nominations this year, Cooper has been nominated four times but hasn’t yet walked away with a prize yet.

Our Prediction

Despite increasing support for both Green Book and A Star Is Born, indications all point to a toss-up between Bale and Malek. Malek has certainly campaigned harder, winning huge at the SAG and BAFTA awards, while both he and Bale won Golden Globes. Bale also won the Critics Choice Award. It’s doubtful that we’ll see anything resembling the Glenn Close-Lady Gaga tie at the Critics Choice Awards, so we’re going to have to place our bets on Malek this time around. His performance in Bohemian seems to be the behemoth to beat.

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