Ozzy Osborne Isn’t Dead, Death Hoax Surfaces on Twitter

Getty Ozzy Osbourne death hoax

A viral death hoax claims that rock legend Ozzy Osborne is dead. Osborne 70, is said to have passed away after losing a battle with pneumonia. The obituary for the former Black Sabbath frontman read:

“At about 11 a.m. ET, our beloved singer Ozzy Osbourne passed away,” the false report stated. “Ozzy Osbourne was born on December 3, 1948 in Birmingham. He will be missed but not forgotten. Please show your sympathy and condolences by commenting on and liking this page.”

False Report Stated That Osborne Died On Valentine’s Day

The report originated from the Weekly Observer, which provided a false quote from Osborne’s wife Sharon. “His wife Sharon Osbourne wrote on her twitter account: ‘My best friend and the guy I was in love with. Oh god, I miss him. I don’t think I’ll ever get over this awful, awful pain. I don’t know if I’ll ever breathe or think normally again. I don’t know how to survive anymore. I need help.’

Several music fans took to social media to voice their devastation over Osborne’s death. “Soo Ozzy Osborne passed away, it’s defiantly a horrible day,” wrote one mourning user. Another took a more frustrated approach, tweeting out: “Whomever said that Ozzy Osborne died? Well maybe u need to die!!!How inhumane to say such a horrible thing!! Buddy, I will pray 4 u-the one who told that lie…”

Fans on Twitter Were Devastated Over the Possibility of Losing Osborne At 70

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Other fans were simply thankful that Osborne was alive and well. “I just thought woah Ozzy Osborne is still alive,” they wrote. “I feel like our parents really set us up introducing us to artists like Prince and Kurt Cobain and Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury that they loved and we have to endure the inevitable heartbreak. It’s weird loving celebrities.” Check out additional reactions above.

Osborne was recently rushed to the ICU over what appeared to be complications from flu-like symptoms. He’s currently in stable condition, however, and “breathing on his own” following his lengthy hospital stay. “He’s doing great,” Sharon Osbourne said on her daytime show The Talk. “He’s out of ICU… He’s overcome by the response that he’s had … It’s kind of bittersweet because he’s so overwhelmed with it but he’s sad too.”

This Is Not the First Time Osborne Has Had to Deal With a Death Hoax

This isn’t the first time that Osborne has had to shoot down rumors that he’s died. In 2014, a Facebook page claiming that the singer had died went viral, causing hundreds of fans to verify whether or not he was still alive.

There was no official cause of death listed, according to Gigwise, and the hoax was quickly debunked. There is scheduled date for when Osborne will be released from the hospital.