GUHH: Are Pepa & Boyfriend Aundre Back Together?

Getty Sandra 'Pepa' Denton

The relationship between Sandra ‘Pepa’ Denton and her former bodyguard, Aundre Dean, has been a controversial one. Aundre is currently in the midst of a messy divorce from his wife Jordyn Taylor, and Pepa has been accused of flaunting her romance with a married man on television. These issues have caused the relationship to come to an end on the most recent episodes of Growing Up Hip Hop.

But have Pepa and Aundre gotten back together? According to the synopsis for the latest episode, the answer is no. The synopsis states that “Pepa struggles with a broken heart”, leading viewers to assume that the two are still broken up. This heartache comes weeks after it was revealed that Pepa’s relationship with Aundre cost her a deal with an unnamed brand.

Pepa & Aundre Are Still Broken Up After Their Controversial Romance

During the January 17 episode, Pepa and her Salt-N-Pepa partner Cheryl ‘Salt’ James were offered a “big deal” from a large brand, but according to their manager, Jimmy Maynes, the offer was pulled due to Pepa’s controversial romance. Maynes explained that the the company offering the deal saw Pepa’s public affair with Aundre and decided to retract their proposal, as they didn’t want to be involved with her.

“The contract that you’re waiting to sign, you don’t have to worry about it because that deal just went away,” Maynes revealed. “Pep, you gotta figure this Aundre thing out. I just looked online and seen a picture of him with his baby. We gotta make this go away… No relationship is worth you taking a million dollar hit. I need you to put your big-girl draws on right now, it’s a relationship.” During a Growing Up Hip Hop live watch after the episode, Pepa confirmed that she and Aundre were still dating. That said, the couple decided to call it quits shortly afterwards.

Aundre Reportedly Cost Pepa a Million Dollar Business Deal

Aundre has also bumped heads with Pepa’s daughter, Egypt Criss, who feels that he tried too hard to assume the role of family patriarch, despite being only nine years older than her. In the middle of an argument where Pepa told her kids to never “fight each other”, Aundre interrupted her and said: “So what the hell we doing fighting our family among each other at somebody else’s family event?”

Despite splitting from Aundre, Pepa maintains that he was not married when they began their relationship. “This Dre and me situation has gotten so crazy in, not only my personal life but in my business life with Salt n Pepa as a whole,” she told Madame Noir. “Jimmy, my manager, called me and said, ‘Look Pep, one of the deals on the table got pulled.’ And I’m like to him, ‘What are you talking about? I didn’t do nothing wrong.’ He’s like, ‘It don’t matter. At this point, the deals are coming off the table.’ He’s telling me, basically, I need to take a break from Dre totally. Break up or the brand, which one I want to choose.”

“Dre Baby Momma posted that I was stealing a married man,” she added. “And the media ran with it. With all this negative press, it already cost Salt n Pepa a six-figure commercial deal but he was separated already. Trust me, y’all. They filed for divorce. He had his own apartment. But they were saying in the old apartment when they were together, you got to get out. She’s pregnant. She can’t pay! What do I do, I paid for her apartment. I got the lease. I got everything. I got text messages from her.”

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