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Proven Innocent

Getty Proven Innocent, the new Fox series centered around an attorney's journey to prove the innocence of wrongly convicted individuals, premieres tonight at 9/8c.

Proven Innocent, the new Fox series centered around an attorney’s emotional journey to prove the innocence of wrongly convicted individuals, premieres at 9/8c on Friday, February 15.

So who stars on Fox’s newest crime drama? A cast of A-List actors and actresses will feature on the show, including Madeline Scott (“Twilight,” Under the Dome), Emmy Award and Golden Globe winner Kelsey Grammer (Frasier, Cheers and Boss) and Russell Hornsby (Grim) to name a few.

Check out a list of the cast of Proven Innocent below:

Madeline Scott

Madeline Scott plays the fierce and uncompromising lawyer Rachelle LaFevre, who works tirelessly to help set the innocent and wrongly convicted free. She and her brother were wrongly convicted in a “sensational murder case that made her an infamous media obsession,” when she was just 18-years-old, and they both served a decade-long prison sentence before the conviction was overturned. When releeased from prison, LaFevre decided to pursue a career in law and attended classes at Yale, before opening her own “underdog” law firm to represent those in the same position she was for so long.

Kelsey Grammer

Grammer portrays the power-hungry State Attorney Gore Bellows on the show, who is also running to be Illinois attorney general. He prosecuted LaFevre (Scott) and her brother a decade earlier for the alleged murder of Rosemary Lynch. Although she was exonerated years later, Bellows remains convinced that she is guilty, and the two enemies often face off in court.

Russell Hornsby

Hornsby plays Ezekiel “Easy” Boudreau, LaFevre’s partner, who co-owns a law firm with LaFevre. She originally contacted him from prison to help with her own murder case, and he eventually helped set her free. “He’s had a mid-life ascension,” Hornsby told the Chicago Tribune. “He’s chosen a different path, working for the people, looking to free people, and it really has created for him a sense of purpose I think that wasn’t there before. Also pairing up with Madeline I think has really challenged him in a wonderful way, which has caused him to care again.”

Nikki M. James

James’ character Violet Price is the firm’s social media coordinator, who hosts weekly podcasts and review’s the firm’s cases, according to the Tribune. “One of the biggest real-life challenges about these kinds of cases is getting media attention. When someone goes to jail, you assume that they’re in jail because they did the thing that they were accused of and convicted of doing. And so I think in the context of what the firm is doing, Violet is shining a light on her cases because attention is how you get movement,” James told the Tribune.

Vincent Kartheiser

Kartheiser plays Bodie Quick, the firm’s lead investigator. Kartheiser told the Tribune that his character is “light-hearted” and likes to “have fun at work and tell jokes,” although his jokes are pretty sarcastic and dry in nature. “He’s a little bit goofy. He likes to dress up in weird outfits, and he likes to go undercover even though it’s usually not necessary.”

Riley Smith

Smith portrays Levi Scott, LaFevre’s brother who was also wrongfully convicted of murder alongside his sister ten years ago. The siblings served 10 years in prison for the charges before Boudreau set them free. According to the Tribune, Scott struggles with his post-prison life, and battles with depression.

Tune in to catch the premiere of Proven Innocent at 9/8c on Friday, February 15.

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