‘Riverdale’: Does Cyanide Have an Antidote?

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On tonight’s episode of Riverdale, all the adults in the Midnight Club were forced to meet up again. The adults were worried about being poisoned, so Penelope Blossom offered everyone a cyanide antidote to drink. But does that really exist? This post has spoilers for tonight’s episode. 

Well, Riverdale isn’t always accurate. But in this case, there really is an antidote to cyanide poisoning, but it doesn’t work like the show portrayed. NIH notes that there are “several” cyanide antidotes. However, eMedicine points out that some are given intravenously after cyanide poisoning. The antidotes also come with risks. According to Healthline, a cyanide antidote kit consists of three medications, one given by inhalation and two given intravenously. And the other antidote, Cyanokit, binds with cyanide and produces B-12, but it’s also taken after accidentally ingesting cyanide.

So as you can see, despite antidotes existing, you don’t take them in liquid form before possibly ingesting cyanide.

So no, Riverdale’s portrayal wasn’t accurate. But does that really matter? The adults should never have trusted Penelope enough to just blindly take a liquid she gave them, considering her history of poisoning people.

If you thought that trusting Penelope wasn’t very smart, you weren’t alone. Here are some reactions on Twitter to that moment.

But hey, we can just suspend disbelief and assume she created an antidote. In that case, it was a smart example of planning ahead.

Despite her smart move, some fans were not happy when the Gargoyle gang took Moose and Kevin. They would have preferred that honor go to Penelope.

And this fan has a good point. Penelope’s scream was a little over-the-top:

But overall, this was a very enjoyable episode. You just have to suspend disbelief for a few things, but that’s not unusual for the show.

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