Cory Booker’s Rumored Girlfriend, Rosario Dawson: 5 Fast Facts

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Rosario Dawson is Cory Booker’s rumored girlfriend, though neither of them have acknowledged or confirmed those rumors. Dawson and Booker have been seen together at several public events in the last month; Dawson has yet to acknowledge Booker’s presidential run.

On January 29, though, Dawson did retweet a tweet by Booker that condemned the hate crime perpetrated against actor Jussie Smollett in Chicago. Dawson appears to be following Booker on Twitter (along with a number of other politicians, including Rep. Ted Lieu and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez).

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Dawson Told Booker ‘I Love You’ During a Meet-and-Greet on Broadway, per People

According to People, Dawson sang to Booker during a cast meet-and-greet for Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway in early January. She even said “I love you,” a source told the magazine.

The publication reports that Dawson and Booker were attending the performance together, and that Dawson made up a little tune on the spot to tell the politician she loved him. It was Booker’s second time seeing the show, and Dawson’s first, and People reports that the pair were joined by Booker’s niece and Dawson’s daughter.

As People notes, Booker and Dawson both follow one another on Twitter and Instagram.

2. Dawson & Booker Were Seen Attending a Movie Together in Early January

Per Page SixDawson and Booker were also seen together in early January attending a movie at Regal Union Square. The source was not able to confirm what movie the pair saw, but did say to the publication, “He literally almost ran me over when he was racing around the corner to get to the concession stand before the movie started.”

The publication also notes that Booker and Dawson have known each other for years, given Dawson’s political activism.

3. Dawson Supported Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Election; She Has Not Endorsed Anyone for 2020

Rosario Dawson Introduces Bernie SandersActress Rosario Dawson introduces Bernie Sanders in San Diego, California. #FeelTheBern MSNBC owns this, obviously.2016-03-23T17:29:53.000Z

Dawson endorsed the candidacy of Bernie Sanders for the 2016 election, and was active on the campaign trail for him, as seen above.

In an introduction for Sanders in March, 2016, as seen in the video above, Dawson said,

“We need someone who has bold leadership, who understands that with climate change, with health care, with education, with our future at stake, that we need bold leadership from someone we can trust. Someone who has stood up for justice his entire life. They haven’t listened to him, but we are, and we need to keep spreading that message because people are voting against themselves. They are voting against their future, and we need to help them, because this is about us.”

4. Dawson’s Last Relationship With Eric Andre Ended in 2017

Per People, Dawson’s last relationship was with comedian Eric Andre, and it lasted for a year before they split in 2017.

Dawson and Andre were known for having a very private, low-key relationship, but she did open up about him from time to time. In an Instagram on September 17, Dawson wrote about how supportive Andre was in the wake of a surgery she had to undergo after a cyst on her ovary ruptured.

Dawson wrote, via People, “What a difference a year makes… This weekend marks a year that I had to get emergency surgery to stop internal bleeding from a ruptured cyst on my ovary. It was the first time I told (Eric) that I loved him (and very much not the last). Thankful for his care and all of the doctors and nurses and staff at the Desert Regional Medical Center.”

That Instagram is no longer available.

5. Booker Has Been Connected With Chanda Gibson & Cleo Wade Romantically in the Past

Though he has never commented on either of these relationships, Booker has been affiliated with both Chanda Gibson and artist Cleo Wade in the past.

Gibson is a former executive director of the Council of Urban Professionals who worked with Booker on his mayoral campaign. According to her LinkedIn page, Gibson now works at DREAM, a nonprofit that helps youths in East Harlem, the Bronx, and Newark.

Wade is an artist, author, and influencer known for her inspirational messages on Instagram and in her books. Booker has actively talked about Wade and referenced her as a “close friend.” Via The Washington Post, they have taken vacations together and collaborated on work together, but have never confirmed a romantic relationship.