Shadowhunters Season 3 Winter Premiere Spoilers

Freeform/Instagram Freeform has canceled the supernatural series Shadowhunters. The show will end with a special two-hour finale airing next spring, following 10 final episodes of season 3.

Shadowhunters, the Freeform supernatural drama series, was canceled by the network back in June last year. The show is set to end with a special two-hour final at the close of the upcoming second half of season three, which premieres tonight, February 25, at 8/7c on Freeform.

The show follows Clary Fairchild, Jace Herondale, and several other Shadowhunters, a race of humans that have the blood of angels whose purpose is to protect all living creatures from demons, as well as maintaining order in the Shadow World. They are also joined by members of the “Downworld,” including a slew of vampires, werewolves and warlocks, in their quest to rid the world of evil and protect the human race.

Although the cable network has opted not to renew the show for a fourth season, the network ordered two extra episodes to help wrap up the story. The expanded 12-episode final season, dubbed Shadowhunters: The Final Hunt, airs tonight.

Obviously fans of the book series are familiar with what happens throughout the last three books, although the show has definitely changed plenty from the books. So, despite knowing the premise of the final half of the series, even fans of the books will be in for some twists and surprises, according to the trailer for 3B. Here’s what we know about the upcoming season (CAUTION: some spoilers ahead):

Clary is NOT Dead & Also Not in Edom

Shadowhunters premiere, Shadowhunters spoilers, Shadowhunters cast

Katherine McNamara confirmed to TV Line that, despite being “blown to pieces” while trying to stop the Queen of Hell from resurrecting her demonic brother, Clary is actually not dead, although she hinted that she is somewhere you wouldn’t expect. She also says her relationship with Jace is forever altered by the experience, and that the explosion has changed Clary in a profound way.

“She will never, ever be the same,” McNamara says. “What happened during the explosion and before the explosion changes Clary forever, and she can never get back to being the person she was.” A lot of that has to do with Jonathan, who reenters her life in one of the worst ways imaginable. “They go on an interesting journey,” McNamara says. “Not only are they forming a relationship with no outside interference for the first time, but she also finally understands the suffering he’s been through. This poor kid never had a chance to be normal or to feel loved.”

Magnus is Adjusting to Life as a Mortal

After Magnus gives up his powers to save somebody who is incredibly important to Alec, “he does his best to mask his anger and resentment towards everything that led up to this,” actor Harry Shum Jr. says, according to TV Line.

“I wouldn’t say he regrets [giving up his powers], because he did it to save someone Alec couldn’t live without, but it’s still hard. It’s like learning how to walk again.” Meanwhile, Alec’s struggle comes from trying to help his boyfriend “without really understanding the nature of the problem,” Daddario explained to TV Line. “He doesn’t get that the magic is more than just a side effect of being a warlock. It’s part of him.”

Simon & Isabelle Finally Get Together

Shadowhunters premiere, Shadowhunters spoilers, Shadowhunters cast

The trailer for the mid-season premiere shows Izzy and Simon finally start to grow closer during the series’ final episodes. According to an interview with TV Line, Alberto Rosende (who plays Simon) and Emeraude Toubia (Isabelle) end up going on a lot of missions together, where they start to see each other in a different light. Apparently their first romantic scene together will be pretty hot and steamy as well, according to Toubia.

“They’re going to go on a lot of missions together, so they’ll be spending a lot of time together,” Toubia teases. “They’re going to be seeing things in one another that they didn’t see before. And the moment they [fall for each other], it’s going to be so heated. It’ll be so crazy and hot, you’ll see fire.” Rosende echoes that sentiment, adding, “They’ve always had this spark between them. And their relationship is built on such a strong foundation of friendship and trust, so I think it’s cool seeing it build.”

The Final 2 Episodes Will Cover The Entire Sixth Book

Freeform originally ordered a 10-episode third season, but went back and ordered 10 more back episodes. Season 3A wrapped up on May 15. Deadline reports that the show will have a chance to finish by covering all six Mortal Instruments books, on which the show is based. The current third season goes over books 4 and 5; the two-hour finale will be based on the sixth and final novel in the series, according to Deadline.

Tune in tonight at 8/7c to catch the mid-season premiere of Shadowhunters, and for all you heartbroken fans out there, try to enjoy the final 12 episodes and keep your fingers crossed that a streaming service will swoop in and save the day before the end.

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