Shane Dawson Conspiracies Part 2: Milos & Brittani Louise Taylor

Shane Dawson and Brittani Taylor


Shane Dawson’s newest Conspiracy Theory video, Part 2 in his series, explores three topics: a conspiracy that Chuck E. Cheese’s is recycling pizza, technology that can mimic your voice digitally, and his friend Brittani Taylor’s disappearance from social media after she was engaged to a man named Milos. Many people are talking about Britt and Milos, which was covered extensively in Dawson’s YouTube video below.

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According to the video, Brittani Louise Taylor and Shane Dawson were very close during the early years of his YouTube series and often made videos together. Then she got pregnant and engaged and pretty much disappeared from his life. Not long after, she disappeared from social media, too, he said. (She’s back now.)

In the video, Taylor talked about a trial with Milos, who she originally met on Tinder. She said he started out claiming to be a very well-off man from Serbia who was a doctor. After a while, she said his money ran out and she started having to cover all the bills. She said she experienced verbal harassment, followed by physical abuse later. She also said she felt that he was threatening her life. The story is told in the YouTube video above.

According to the video, Taylor has a restraining order against Mihajlovic that’s up for renewal in August 2019. During her interview with Dawson, she said she was scared that she or her child might become trafficking victims. Her birth certificate’s disappearance was one element that left her scared about this possibility. She also said in her interview with Dawson that Milos lied about having cancer at one point in their relationship too. They were in a custody battle over their son in 2017.

Taylor has since re-emerged on social media and has made videos on her own YouTube channel about her story. Her son, originally named Misha, now goes by Rex.

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Some of her older videos with Milos are still up on her YouTube channel. Here’s one:

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It’s worth pointing out that Milos has a common name, and people are already getting him mixed up with stories that are not about him. A story about a Serbian man with the same name, who was in the United States while wanted for attempted aggravated murder and was later turned over to ICE, is not the same Milos. There’s also a famous pianist and professor by the same name who is a different person.

Taylor has written a book that goes into her story in more detail. The book is called A Sucky Love Story: Overcoming Unhappily Ever After. It was just recently published on December 4, 2018.