Is ‘Sister Wives’ Cancelled or Renewed?

Sister Wives

Kody Brown Instagram Sister Wives, TLC's reality show starring America's favorite polygamist Kody Brown and his wives, is back and premieres Sunday, January 7 at 8/7c.

Sister Wives returns tonight on TLC. The hit reality series follows Kody Brown and his four wives as they make the move from Las Vegas to Flagstaff, Arizona. Given that the series has been on the air for 13 seasons, however, there are some fans wondering whether it is cancelled or renewed for another season. Get the details below.

According to TV Shows Cancelled, Sister Wives has not yet been cancelled. It will remain on the air for the duration of season 13, and will, depending on the strength of its ratings, be renewed for another season. In 2018, it was rumored that the series would actually be cancelled prior to its current season due to falling ratings. “TLC was less than impressed by the ratings,” an insider told In Touch Weekly, explaining that the Season 11 premiere viewership of 1.8 million “was not enough” for network producers.

‘Sister Wives’ Is Not Yet Renewed for Its 14th Season on TLC

The inside source went on to say that Brown renegotiated the salary of each family member so that the series could remain on the air. “So Kody told them he’d be willing to have the network slash his family’s pay from $180,000 for each adult to $180,000 total if it meant they could make Season 12,” they revealed. “He put everything on the line to convince them it could still work.”

Though, to be clear, they also told In Touch Weekly that chances of a season 13 were slim, despite the fact that the Brown family got the green light. “Three years ago, the show could command 2.5 million viewers, but now fans are leaving the show in droves,” they said. “TLC has broken the news to Kody that it plans to cancel Sister Wives after the current season because ratings have been so tepid. Kody can kiss any hope of a Season 13 goodbye.”

There Were Rumors Over the Past Few Years That It Would Be Cancelled

Season 13 has been full of twists and turns thus far. On a preview for the most recent episode, Brown announced interest in running for office, much to the surprise of his four spouses. “If I go [to Utah], and run for office there, I could change the world or change our world,” he said. “Listen, I might be suffering delusions of grandeur, [but] I wanted to go, I wanted to run for office and I wanted to get in control of my destiny. I’ve been exiled from a state that I think as many people love me as hate me.”

Despite his eagerness to make a difference, Brown’s sudden political aspirations are not sitting well with Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn. “This is the first I’m hearing that he wants to run for office in Utah,” says first wife Meri. “That means we would have to move back to Utah. Since the whole political thing and the law change, I have no desire at all to go back to Utah.”

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