Who Is Stacey Castor’s Daughter, Ashley Wallace?

Stacey Castor's Daughter Ashley Wallace, Who is Stacey Castor's daughter Ashley Wallace


Tonight, ABC News’ 20/20 will investigate the Black Widow murderer, whose real name is Stacey Castor.

Along with being suspected of killing her first husband, Castor was found guilty of poisoning her second husband with antifreeze and attempting to murder her daughter, Ashley Wallace.

Tonight, ABC will speak with Ashley, as well as some investigators from the case.

Here’s what you need to know.

Castor was just 17 when she met her first husband, Michael Wallace. They gave birth to their Ashley in 1988, and their second daughter, Bree, in 1991.

Eight years later, those close to Wallace began to notice symptoms of illness- Wallace coughed incessantly and seemed swollen.

Speaking to 20/20 in 2009, Ashley explained, “He was having a hard time walking, and he was having a hard time talking… And one time, he sat up, and he just vomited across the coffee table and laid back down went back to sleep like nothing ever happed.”

Within months, he was found dead. Doctors determined that he had died of a heart attack.

In 2003, three years after Wallace’s death, Stacey married David Castor. In 2005, he was found dead in his bedroom. Authorities determined that he committed suicide through a lethal dose of antifreeze.

Soon after, however, investigators found Stacey’s DNA on a turkey baster that had Castor’s DNA on it, as well. They began to suspect she was involved in their murder.

Police eventually decided to exhume Wallace’s body, which is when they learned that he, too, had been killed through antifreeze poisoning. This was when Stacey set up her daughters to confess to killing both men.

Stacey did this by inviting Ashley over for a drink and doping her. Ashley tells 20/20, “[She said], ‘We’ve had a rough week. Let’s just get drunk… I was like, ‘Cool!’ You know, what kind of teenager wouldn’t think that was awesome? Your parents just gave you permission to drink. Sweet!”

Ashley drank a beverage with her mother and immediately passed out. The next day, according to ABC, she drank with her mother again and fell asleep. When her sister came in to check on her later, she was unresponsive.

That’s when Stacey called the police– when the authorities showed up, there was a suicide note next Ashley’s unconscious body. The suicide note said that she was guilty of killing both her father and Michael Wallace. (Ashley was just 12 at the time of her father’s death.)

When Ashley woke in the hospital, she denied writing the suicide note, according to The Age. ABC reports her as saying, “I’m like, ‘What are they talking about?’ ‘I didn’t do any of these things that you’re saying that I did.'”

The outlet also notes that Ashley’s overdose occurred just days after police exhumed Wallace’s body.

When she awoke, Ashley said that the last thing she remembered was her mother making her a drink.

In court, Ashley testified against her mother. You can check out the video here. 


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