The Bachelor 2019 Recap Episode 7: Who Was Eliminated Last Week?

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On last week’s episode of The Bachelor, Colton Underwood and the 7 remaining women vying for his heart took their journey back to the United States. In episode 7, the group went to Colton’s hometown of Denver, Colorado for their dates, and three more women were eliminated from the competition. Ahead of tonight’s new episode, here’s a recap of what happened in episode 7:

Beware of episode 7 spoilers below, and stop reading if you are not caught up with the show and don’t want to know what happened last week.

The episode 7 description read “The seven remaining women join Colton in his hometown of Denver; Tayshia shares news that shakes Colton’s world; Brett Young performs for Caelynn and Colton after their ski date.”

The episode began with Underwood reflecting, vlog-style, on how 3 of his most recently-eliminated women warned him that some of the remaining contestants were not there for the right reasons. Since the season is coming to a close, this week was all about Colton showing the ladies his home city, to get a taste of what “normal” life with him would be like. Since this is the last week before hometowns, a rose ensured that Underwood would be meeting your family and you would have a place in the final four.

Tayshia had the first one-on-one date in Denver. Their date consisted of walking around the city with Colton’s dog, Sniper, and making dinner together back at Colton’s place. During the date, they talked about the women Tayshia feels are not there for the right reasons, and how her family would feel about Tayshia getting engaged only two years after her divorce. At the end of the date, Colton gave her a rose, securing her place in next week’s hometowns.

Caelynn also received a one-on-one date this week. She and Colton went snowboarding and then received a private performance from Brett Young. In spite of what Tayshia had said about her in her one-on-one with Colton, Caelynn ultimately received the date rose.

The third one-one-one date for the episode went to Hannah B., who got to meet and spend time with Underwood’s parents. In spite of the intimate and family-focused nature of their date, Colton ultimately concluded that he wasn’t as far along with his feelings for Hannah B. as he is with some of the other women, and Hannah B. was sent home at the end of the date.

Kirpa, Hannah G., Cassie, and Heather were the four women on the group date this week and after realizing that she wouldn’t be ready to introduce Underwood to her family if she made it through this week’s elimination, Heather Martin eliminated herself from the season and went home. Hannah G. received the group date rose, which meant Kirpa and Cassie were the only two without a rose heading into the rose ceremony, and there was only one spot remaining for the final four and their hometown dates next week.

Ultimately, Underwood chose to give the last spot (and rose) to Cassie, and Kirpa was sent home. This means that the hometown dates for episode 8 will find us visiting Cassie, Hannah G., Tayshia, and Caelynn’s homes. One more girl will be eliminated at the end of episode 8.

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