‘The Bachelor’ 2019 Spoilers – Episode 8 Hometown Dates

The Bachelor 2019 Spoilers

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Episode 8 of The Bachelor 2019 airs tonight and it’s finally time for the hometown dates. The front-runners will have Colton Underwood meet their families and get to know more about where each of them comes from. Some of the contestants’ parents will be more welcoming than others. But, before we get into all the details on what goes down on tonight’s episode, this is your MAJOR SPOILER WARNING. Do NOT continue reading this post if you do NOT want to know who gets eliminated during tonight’s episode or any other info about the rest of the season.

The official ABC synopsis for episode 8 this season reads, “Colton made it through an extremely challenging week, questioning which women were really ready for commitment. In the end, he found four amazing bachelorettes he cares about who have his confidence: Caelynn, Cassie, Hannah G. and Tayshia. A visit to Caelynn’s hometown of Fredericksburg, Virginia, turns emotional as her protective family needs convincing that Colton is serious about his desire to be married. The Bachelor’s next stop is Birmingham, Alabama, where Hannah G. attempts to shape him into a true Southern gentleman. Will it be enough to persuade her concerned parents that he is sincere? Tayshia tests Colton’s trust in her, challenging him to go skydiving near her hometown of Santa Ana, California. But the couple’s terrifying jump is nothing compared to the reaction of her skeptical father. Cassie’s hometown of Huntington Beach, California, is Colton’s last stop, but will her parents be able to help her sort out her feelings or just confuse her more? One woman will suffer a devastating exit, as the other three bachelorettes look forward to the highly anticipated Fantasy Suites. But in another shocking turn, Colton leaves the room with Chris Harrison for a conversation that could change everything.”

The show airs Monday nights on the ABC network, from 8 – 10 p.m. ET/PT and 7 p.m. CT. Get to know more about the show and what to expect on tonight’s episode in our episode 8 spoilers below.

Colton Underwood Gets Confronted By Some Parents

It’s Time For Colton to "Meet The Parents" – The Bachelor (Hometowns) PromoThe Bachelor 2019 Colton Underwood Season 23 (Episode 8)2019-02-23T16:50:23.000Z

There are a few parents in the mix this season that have big doubts about the intentions of Underwood. Understandably, some worry that their daughters’ hearts could be broken and they could be ultimately rejected. According to ABC, some of the parents who have their eyes on Underwood include Caelynn Miller-Keyes’ stepfather and Tayshia Adams’ dad. ABC writes that on tonight’s episode, “An even more difficult hurdle lies ahead with Tayshia’s dad, who is concerned about his daughter’s arduous marital past. Will the dubious father lend his support for the Bachelor’s possible proposal?”

Cassie Randolph’s family also has questions, especially her father, but his are geared more towards Randolph. He doesn’t want his daughter to rush into a relationship. Have a look at a sneak peek in the below video.

Cassie's Father Questions Her Relationship With Colton – The Bachelor (Episode 8) PreviewThe Bachelor 2019 Colton Underwood Season 23 (Episode 8)2019-02-25T15:26:30.000Z

Who Gets Eliminated on ‘The Bachelor’ Tonight

Caelynn Miller-Keyes Raped

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Only three women move forward to the overnight dates episode with Colton Underwood and one of them does get eliminated. Blogger Reality Steve has reported that the contestant who faces elimination is Caelynn Miller-Keyes and ABC has a bit of a foreshadowing statement about Miller-Keyes’ fate tonight as well. ABC reported that during her hometown date, “At the end of the moving evening, the pageant beauty declares her feelings for Colton, but will both of them be on the same emotional page?”

The Bachelor Colton (Hometown Dates) PreviewThe Bachelor 2019 Colton Underwood Season 23 (Episode 8)2019-02-20T08:09:32.000Z