‘The Masked Singer’ Episode 8 Spoilers: Singers Revealed in Live Recap

The Masked Singer Spoilers


The Masked Singer enters the semi-finals with five disguised celebrities left in the competition. The five characters that the remaining contestants have taken on are the Monster, Lion, Peacock, Bee and Rabbit. Each week, the performers have taken the stage and one of them has been voted off the show at the end of every episode. When they get voted off, they are unmasked and America sees the star behind the mask.

Tonight, because it’s the semi-finals, there are two eliminations, with two celebrities being unmasked.

Joining the panel of celebrity judges tonight is guest judge Kenan Thompson, who will weigh in on the contestants, bringing his own guesses about their identities to the table. Nicole Scherzinger, Jenny McCarthy, Robin Thicke and Ken Jeong will continue to give their take on the performances and clues as well.

Read on below for the live recap and spoilers on which celebrities are revealed, the performances and the clues about each contestant.

Up first was the Peacock, who said that he prides himself on being a well-rounded performer. He also talked about being an idol. For his performance tonight, the Peacock sang “Let It Go” by Calvin Harris, featuring Ne-Yo. The performance was full of energy and the Peacock reminded the audience and judges why he’s made it this far in the competition.

For the past few weeks, our top guess has been that the Peacock is Donny Osmond.

Guest judge Kenan Thompson said the Peacock “destroyed” the stage with an amazing performance. The other judges then gushed over the Peacock, calling him a true showman. Host Nick Cannon then asked the Peacock about who he is inside. The Peacock said he has dedicated his life to show business and he talked about bringing his Peacock character home. He also said that his partner at home has made fun of him a bit.

The Peacock told Robin Thicke that Thicke’s song “Blurred Lines” was inspiration for him and Thicke said that the Peacock could be Weird Al. Nicole Scherzinger asked the Peacock if she knows him and he said that he does. She then guessed that he is Neil Patrick Harris. Another guess thrown out was, again, Donny Osmond.

Let’s help the audience along a bit. The Peacock is reported to be 5’9″ tall, as is Donny Osmond. Weird Al is 6 feet tall, while Neil Patrick Harris is as well. So, it couldn’t be them, right?

The Monster was up next and he said that he’s been made a villain over the years. He said he’s wanted this comeback for a decade and he is ready to slow things down for tonight’s big performance. The Monster chose to sing Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” and he killed it. The fans and judges loved the performance and Nicole Scherzinger said it was one of her favorite moments from the entire show. Ken Jeong called the Monster the front-runner.

The Monster revealed that he’s a father and a husband. He also said that he’s a person under the mask.

When the judges started throwing out their guesses tonight, Ken Jeong said Jamie Foxx. Robin Thicke’s guess was country singer Darius Rucker, who used to be the lead singer of Hootie and the Blowfish. Kenan Thompson’s guess was Cee Lo Green, which has been a popular guess with fans on social media. As for our guess, we are going for T-Pain.

The Lion then took the stage, saying she just wants to be heard and not as the child of her parents. She mentioned an “empire”. Rumer Willis appeared on the show Empire and the Lion’s voice is dead-on so that’s who we are going with as her true identity. For her performance tonight, Willis chose a Stevie Wonder song titled “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing”. Kenan Thompson and host Nick Cannon started talking about the Lion possibly being Kelly Rowland as she performed. Thompson then took back his guess as the song continued.

When talking about who she is to the judges, she said she’s a daughter and a sister, who is an advocate, though she’s been bullied her whole life. Rumer Willis has several sisters and has been bullied for her appearance over the years. Willis, for many reasons, is our top guess.

Nicole Scherzinger guessed Hailee Steinfeld and said she feels like the Lion is an actress, who is a good singer.

The Rabbit is next and talked about spending time in the great outdoors. He also mentioned “Step By Step” and “trashin’ the camp”. “Step By Step” is a New Kids on the Block” song.

For his performance tonight, the Rabbit performed the classic song “My Girl”. We’re on the boy band track with this one – Joey Fatone, AJ McClean, JC Chasez, Chris Kirkpatrick … Who could it be?

Unfortunately, judge Nicole Scherzinger was critical of this performance and she received boos from the audience. The Rabbit said that he has given 100 percent and has done solo work in a costume before. He said he’s used to being in a costume, but never singing. Jenny McCarthy guessed that the Rabbit could be her husband Donnie Wahlberg, while Thompson guessed Nick Lachey from 98 Degrees. Ken Jeong guessed Backstreet Boys singer Kevin Richardson, while Thicke and Scherzinger both felt the Rabbit could be Joey Fatone.

Up last was the Bee who talked about making peach cobblers. The judges said Patti LaBelle makes peach cobbler and she has been one of the top guesses. Other guesses have included Gladys Knight.

Tonight, her performance was singing the oldie but goodie, “Natural Woman”. Thompson was the first judge to throw out a guess and he went with Gladys Knight, while Ken Jeong guessed Anita Baker. The Bee said, after her performance, it’s hard to sing in a disguise because she likes to connect.

And the first of the two celebrities to be unmasked tonight was the Lion. Before taking off her mask, Jenny McCarthy guessed Kelly Rowland for her final guess. Nicole Scherzinger maintained her Hailee Steinfeld opinion. Kenan Thompson and Robin Thicke also went the Destiny’s Child route with Rowland. But, the Lion ultimately ended up being … Rumer Willis!!! We knew it! Did you?!

The judges were shocked. Fans probably were too, since Willis previously denied any involvement with the show to the media.

And, the next singer to be unmasked was … the Rabbit, who shook his head upon hearing the announcement. This meant the Bee, Peacock and Monster would move on to next week’s finale episode.

The judges said they were sad that the Rabbit was leaving but couldn’t wait to find out who he was. The judges still went the boy band route, with guesses like Joey Fatone, Kevin Richardson, Nick Lachey and Donnie Wahlberg. And, the Rabbit ended up being Joey Fatone from NSYNC, though he also denied his being a part of the show to the press. Nicole Scherzinger told Fatone she was so impressed with what he did with his character.

Fatone said he’s been very clostrophobic in his costume and this experience has helped him overcome it.

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