The Masked Singer Votes 2019: Is Voting Live or Pre-Taped?

The Masked Singer judges guesses

Getty Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, Nick Cannon and producers of the television show "The Masked Singer" speak during the Summer 2018 Television Critics Association Press Tour.

There are only 3 more episodes The Masked Singer on Fox, and the number of remaining masked celebrity contestants in the competition is down to 6. This is the first time all remaining competitors will be performing on the same night; the episode description reads “The remaining six celebrity singers merge into one big group as they perform anonymously; J.B. Smoove guest judges.”

Throughout the show’s first season, a major question for fans has been whether or not they are able to vote for their favorites to help keep them in the competition. In-audience voting is featured just before the results are calculated, and though there appears to be a phone app that audience members are using to vote, no such resource is offered to the viewers at home. Here’s why:

‘The Masked Singer’ Is Not a Live Show

Unlike many popular televised singing competitions, The Masked Singer you are watching each Wednesday night is not airing live. This means that the competion you are watching each week, while it may seem at times like it is happening simultaneous to your viewing experience, was actually concluded months ago. A winner has already been determined, all 12 celebrity identities have already been revealed – we just have to wait and watch it unfold each week on our TVs to find out what the people involved in the series already know.

One major reason for the show needed to be taped rather than aired live is likely the celebrities’ schedules. Since they all have demanding careers, it would be way harder to get a cast to block out months of their schedule for weekly shows, rather than taping the whole season in a couple of weeks. Furthermore, if the show were live, we’d have a better idea of who could and couldn’t be behind the mask based on what’s happening in sports and entertainment in real time. For example, Antonio Brown could not have participated if the show was recorded live, as it started airing in the middle of football season.

Entertainment Weekly got to watch a taping of the show and said that “The unmasking doesn’t actually occur right after the announcement. The singers are given time to head backstage to touch up their makeup and hair. But 20 minutes later, the reveal is still as satisfying after hours of guessing.”

There Is No At-Home Voting

Since the show was pre-taped, you do not have the opportunity to vote this season. Who stays and who goes was determined by the audience members who did see the performances live – the people in the audience you see as you watch each episode of the show. At the start of the season, when there were 12 masked celebrity contestants, the audience had to vote after each head-to-head, as well as at the end of the show to decide who to eliminate from the bottom three. Now that the season is further along and there are fewer contestants, the audience is just asked to vote at the end of each show night to determine who stays and who goes.

Although they were present for the tapings, the judges also do not have a say in who stays and who goes beyond voicing their opinions on the quality of each celebrity’s performance and guessing about who they think is behind the mask (along with their reasoning behind those guesses). Once it is revealed which character is getting unmasked, they are each given one last opportunity to guess the identity of the eliminated celebrity before they remove their mask and reveal themselves. They don’t win anything beyond gloating rights for guessing correctly.

For the fans at home, The Masked Singer‘s Twitter page tries to involve viewers by encouraging them to tweet their own guesses throughout the season.

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