‘The Orville’ Season 2 Episode 7 Cast: Who Are the Special Guests?


Tonight The Orville returns to Fox after a one-week hiatus with Season 2 Episode 7, called “Deflectors.” Each episode features a few special guests and sometimes some surprise cameos. In the last episode, Ensign Turco (Kyra Santoro) returned and we learned that she and John are dating. And Jessica Szohr is now a regular on the cast playing the role of Talla, who is essentially the new Alara on The Orville. Here’s a look at who we’re expecting to see tonight. We will update this story if any of these guests do not appear, or if new guests are revealed as the show airs.

Even before the episode aired, Seth MacFarlane was tweeting about a special guest cameo. Who will it be?


There’s one guest star we knew about for certain before the show even aired. Kevin Daniels is starring tonight as a Moclan named Locar, Bortus’s former boyfriend. Kevin Daniels has many previous credits, including Coop and Cami Ask the World, Atypical (Coach Briggs), Modern Family (Longinus), Trial & Error, Sirens (Hank), Daria, and many guest star roles on TV episodes. Daniels was credited on IMDB for the last episode, but he is actually appearing this week.


Of course, Dann is back (played by Mike Henry.) He’s hilarious, especially his scene tonight with the cupcakes.


We’re still confirming who The Flower (the Catrudian) was in Kelly’s quarters, but the main guess right now is Bruce Willis.


Once we know for certain who voiced the flower, we’ll update this story.

UPDATE: Yes, the flower cameo was indeed Bruce Willis. Seth MacFarlane confirmed this on Twitter.

Chase Brosamie was also credited on IMDB for playing the role of a boy named Newsie in the last episode, but we didn’t see him. Maybe that means he’ll be on this week. His other credits include Are You Sleeping, These Things Take Time, I’m Dying Up Here, Modern Family, and Criminal Minds. 

Vivienne Rutherford was credited on IMDB for playing the role of a young girl in the last episode, but we don’t recall seeing her so maybe we’ll be seeing her tonight too. She was recently in Puppy Star Christmas, Teachers, Whisker Haven Tales with the Palace Pets, Days of Our Lives, and Rachel & the TreeSchoolers.

This is a developing story. We’ll add more details about special guests as they’re known.

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