‘The Orville’ Season 2 Episode 8 Cast: Who Are the Special Guests?


Tonight is the first in a two-part special on The Orville called Identity. Each episode features a few special guests and sometimes some surprise cameos. Last week’s special guest was Bruce Willis playing a talking flower. With this week’s episode being the first of a two-parter, we’ll likely see some interesting special guests tonight. Here’s a look at who we’re expecting to see tonight. We will update this story if any of these guests do not appear, or if new guests are revealed as the show airs.

Alveraz Ricardez is playing “The Adjutant” tonight on The Orville. His many previous credits include Schooled, General Hospital (Rev. Weston), Grace and Frankie, Drug Lords, Marlon, Silicon Valley, Grey’s Anatomy, Silenced, The Fuzz, and more.

Ricardez said that his scene is short, where he’s just doing a small part for the Admiral. “Short scene, don’t blink,” he wrote.

This means that Victor Garber is back as Admiral Halsey. He’s an admiral in the Planetary Union and has been on the show before. Garber’s many other credits include Power (Simon), Legends of Tomorrow (Dr. Martn Stein), The Flash, Supergirl, Difficult People, Motive (Neville), The Slap (Narrator), Web Therapy (Kip), Republic of Doyle, Deception (Robert), Damages, Charlie’s Angels (Charles), Flashpoint, Eli Stone (Jordan), ReGenesis (Oliver), Justice (Ron), Alias (Jack Bristow), and more.


Jessica Szohr is a series regular now, but not everyone knows that yet. She’s playing Talla, a Xelayan who is the new chief of security and, essentially, Alara’s replacement on the crew and in the show. We should expect to see her every episode, so she’s no longer technically a guest star.

We also know that Mike Henry is back again as Dann, which is welcome news. He’s quickly becoming a fan favorite.

FOXThe Orville

IMDB has some special guests listed for tonight. These should be considered tentative, since IMDB’s listings have been wrong before.

Carlos Bernard is listed as playing Capt. Marco Villanueva on IMDB. He’s had many appearances prior to this, including 24: Legacy, Supergirl, The Inspectors (Henry), Madam Secretary, Motive, Major Crimes, Dallas (Vicente Cano), CSI Miami, Scoundrels (Mack), 24 (Tony Almeida), 10.5 Apocalypse, The Young and the Restless (Rafael), Sunset Beach, and more.

Stephen Blackehart is listed on IMDB as playing a Krill Second Officer. However, tonight’s episode is going to be focused on Isaac’s homeworld, so it’s not clear if this is accurate. A spoiler page for the show is indicating it’s true, however! He’s had numerous guest roles on TV shows and movies, including the Hive, Super, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, The Belko Experiment, Dominion, PG Porn, Pants on Fire, Passions, General Hospital, and more.

Mark Jackson is playing Isaac. He’s not a special guest, but we’re including him since he’s a central point of the episode and some fans forget who the actor is behind the alien. (He also plays Isaac’s human form too.)

Tonight’s fantastic episode was written by Brannon Braga and Andre Bormanis.

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