‘The Orville’ Season 2 Episode 9 Cast: Who Are the Special Guests?


Last week’s episode of The Orville was shocking, to say the least. Tonight we are concluding the two-parter called Identity, and fans have no idea what to expect. Here’s a look at who we’re expecting to see tonight. We will update this story if any of these guests do not appear, or if new guests are revealed as the show airs.

Alveraz Ricardez is playing “The Adjutant” tonight on The Orville. His many previous credits include Schooled, General Hospital (Rev. Weston), Grace and Frankie, Drug Lords, Marlon, Silicon Valley, Grey’s Anatomy, Silenced, The Fuzz, and more. Last week he told his Twitter followers that he would be in last week’s episode, but he didn’t appear. He said he got that slightly wrong but he is definitely in tonight’s episode.

Ricardez said that his scene is short, where he’s just doing a small part for the Admiral. “Short scene, don’t blink,” he wrote.

So this means we’ll be seeing our favorite Admiral again too, if Ricardez is there.

This means that Victor Garber is back for the second week as Admiral Halsey. He’s an admiral in the Planetary Union and has been on the show before. Garber’s many other credits include Power (Simon), Legends of Tomorrow (Dr. Martn Stein), The Flash, Supergirl, Difficult People, Motive (Neville), The Slap (Narrator), Web Therapy (Kip), Republic of Doyle, Deception (Robert), Damages, Charlie’s Angels (Charles), Flashpoint, Eli Stone (Jordan), ReGenesis (Oliver), Justice (Ron), Alias (Jack Bristow), and more.


I remember Victor Garber best from Alias, where he played Sidney Bristow’s father. But he’s had a lot of great roles since those days too.

Of course, the focal point of this episode will be Isaac, played by Mark Jackson. Will he be leaving the ship forever, considering what happened, or is there a chance he will help his crew? That remains to be seen.

And there will be lots of special guests portraying Kaylons, but because they’re all dressed up the same, it will be tough to identify them.

Guest stars Brian Tanner and Kai Wener will be back tonight.

FOXTHE ORVILLE: L-R: Seth MacFarlane, J Lee, guest star Brian Tanner, Penny Johnson Jerald and guest star Kai Wener

Brian Tanner plays Marcus, Dr. Finn’s son, and Kai Wener plays other her son, Ty. Orville’s Wiki shares that Kai’s schedule during filming begins with his getting up at 7 a.m. every day to check in, then he eats breakfast and attends school for three hours before acting on set. Brian, who goes by B.J. in this local story, has also been on Will to Live, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Grey’s Anatomy, and Ballers. His dad said that he loves Star Trek so he was really excited about his son’s role on the show.

Jessica Szohr is a series regular now, but not everyone knows that yet. She portrays Talla, a Xelayan who is the new chief of security and, essentially, Alara’s replacement on the crew and in the show. She’s a series regular and is in every episode now.

By the way, I’ve heard that Marina Sirtis (aka Troy from The Next Generation) will be a special guest soon on an episode of The Orville that is directed by Jonathan Frakes (aka Riker.) I can’t wait to see that one.

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