‘The Titan Games’ Winners & Live Finale Spoilers 2019

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Photo by: Vivian Zink/NBC Pictured: Dwayne Johnson

The Titan Games is a new competition series and it has reached its finale. The 64 competitors have been narrowed down to eight finalists, who compete on Mount Olympus for two wins. That’s right, there are two winners – one man and one woman, who will become the ultimate Titans. Read on for our live recap of the finale as it airs on the NBC network. According to the Miami Herald, the grand prize for the win is $100,000 prize each.

Read on below for our live recap on the first ever Titan Games finale and spoilers on the winners. We will continue to update as the show airs.

And, the 8 finalists are James Jean-Louis, Jess Griffith, Bridger Buckley, Tyler Lucas, Christiana Rugloski, Jackie Wood, Charity Witt, and Derik Scott.

Kicking off the finale, Dwayne Johnson gave a quick recap on the athletes’ path to the finals. Then, the commentators chimed in to introduce the first competition, with Tyler Vs. Derik. A video recap of the two competitors was shown as they got ready for their big match. Tyler said he wants to win for anyone who’s ever been told they cannot achieve something. Meanwhile, Derik said that he’s not the biggest person, but he has the passion. For their battle round, they competed with the Hammering Ram, which was taken up a notch by adding more weight and twists to the obstacle.

And, Derik Scott took the win on this one.

Jess and Charity were the next two to battle it out on the finale. Jess worked as a level 1 trauma nurse before becoming a nutrition coach. She said that she strives to motivate and inspire others. Charity has had an uphill battle for years, revealing that she had a hard childhood. She says she’s learned to push forward and not quit.

Together, they took on the Uprising obstacle, relying on strength to get through this round. Charity got a great start, pulling a heavy anvil through levels by using her body. Charity managed to pull her way to victory, while Jess struggled for most of the match.

And up next was swim coach Jackie, who took on Christiana for her battle. Jackie said that winning would mean everything, as her mother cheered her on from the audience. As for Christiana, she is the youngest competitor and didn’t start playing competitive sports until three years ago. Dwayne Johnson referred to Christiana as an underdog before revealing that the two contestants would also compete in the Hammering Ram challenge.
Jackie started to get ahead of Christiana, who struggled with the stability of her ram, while Jackie developed a good rhythm. The competition started to get close, but Jackie pulled off the win.

Bridger and James were the last two competitors up for the first round. James dished on how he had a second chance at a good path in life. He just says he hopes to be a positive role model. Meanwhile, Bridger talks about how he was hit by a car a few years ago and he split his head open. His injuries were intense and made him depressed, but he eventually fought his way back to full strength.

For this battle round, the two men took on Uprising, just as Jess and Charity did earlier. The two men were fairly even throughout the round, but, it was James who made it through the battle on top.

For the final battle rounds, the women went first – Jackie against Charity, on Mount Olympus. Charity took the lead, but soon Jackie was on her tail. Jackie stumbled while climbing, which set her back a few seconds. It looked like Charity was going to take the win, but Jackie soon caught up with her. Even though Jackie was coming close, Charity killed it. Charity was the winner and is dubbed a Titan Champion.

And the final two competitors faced off for the male win. James and Derik attacked Mount Olympus and were each going at a steady pace. James was the first of the two to make it to the top of Mount Olympus, but Derik was right behind him and soon, Derik took the lead. But, before long, James regained his first place spot and became the winner.

So, ultimately, the winners were Charity and James.

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