‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 2: Was It Renewed on Netflix? When Is the Release Date?

Netflix The Umbrella Academy

Viewers of The Umbrella Academy are ready to watch Season 2 just days after Season 1 released on Netflix. The series had a great storyline and left viewers with a lot of unanswered questions. Here’s what we know so far about Season 2.

Warning: There are plot spoilers for Season 1 in this article.

Netflix typically doesn’t announce show renewals until at least a month after a new season airs. This was especially true of the Marvel shows (before they were all canceled – RIP) and even the popular 13 Reasons Why. So we’ll likely hear about renewals in about a month at the earliest, and the show will likely return in about a year, based on Netflix’s patterns with other shows. Of course, since this show requires more special effects than other shows, we might not see a second season until later than a year from now.

The series definitely set itself up for a second season. Season 1 ended on a cliffhanger, leaving a lot of room for a new season. The series is adapted from a comic series published by Dark Horse Comics (although it’s certainly diverged from the series some in Season 1), so there’s plenty of material to work with. Gerard Way has eight volumes in mind for the comic series, which could give the show plenty of inspiration for seasons to come, Collider reported. Way even told the actors and crew about his future story plans, to help with Season 1.

“It allowed them to plan it out a little bit better, by letting them know, and I had no issue with letting them know,” Way said. “It actually felt good to write the document because it has all been in my head for 12 years. I was like, ‘Let me just get this out,’ and I did.”

Steve Blackman, showrunner for The Umbrella Academy, told Collider about future seasons: “I know Gerard has eight volumes in his mind, so whether that translates to eight seasons, I don’t know. We combine certain seasons, and bits and pieces. It would be lovely to have four or five years of this show. That would be wonderful.”

From the way the season ended, it looks like we might see more of the main characters as their younger selves in Season 2. Hopefully we’ll also learn more about the origins of their billionaire dad, Reginald Hargreeves.

So in conclusion, although we don’t know yet if The Umbrella Academy will get a second season, the cast and crew are on board to continue the story, and there’s plenty of material to use. If a new season does premiere, it likely won’t be for more than a year. Season 1 began production in January 2018 and premiered in February 2019.

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