How Much Money Does ‘The Voice’ Winner Make?

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NBC’s hit series The Voice returns tonight for its season. An array of young performers will compete for the top prize, while newcomers John Legend and Kelly Clarkson will join veteran judges Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. But how much money will the winner of this season make? What will they earn as a prize?

According to Country Living, the winner of The Voice will win a $100K cash prize. They also get a shot at making more money and attaining pop stardom by signing a record deal with Universal Music Group. The record deal will undoubtedly work differently for each artist, as there has yet to be a winner of The Voice who has broken out into stardom.

The Winner of ‘The Voice’ Will Win a Cash Prize of $100K

The Cheat Sheet reports that there are additional expenses and costs that fans may not know about during the season. Being able to perform and appear on a weekly series gets to be costly for contestants, so often times NBC will give them money to live. “We got a stipend for living, but no, we didn’t get paid,” said Tristan Shields, a singer who competed on season two.

Vicci Martinez, who competed on season one, added that the series provided snacks throughout. “They had a Starbucks there with snacks all day,” she told Cosmopolitan. “It was annoying because a lot of the girls were worried about watching their weight. It was anything you wanted.” A similar sentiment was echoed by season two singer Jessie “It was f**king sweet,” he revealed. “It was basically like being an adult without having to be one. Once you’re on the show for a while, you got money [a stipend] to go out and catering was really great. I ate really well.”

Winners May Be Sued Up to $1 Million If They Reveal Details of Their Contract to the Public

Unfortunately, there are monetary downsides to participating in The VoiceAccording to New York Daily News, the contract states that each contestant signs to appear on the series states that NBC can “ignore the show’s voting system, which includes sales figures for contestants’ songs on iTunes, in the event of problems.” It is also possible that the winner of the $100K prize can be sued for up to $1 million if they reveal the details of their contract to the public.

“These kinds of shows have been around for a while,” explained a legal expert. “And have been sued or threatened with lawsuits quite a bit. Tough language is standard now in the industry.” A production source added: “We have never manipulated the outcome on this show — NBC and The Voice producers take the fairness and integrity of this competition far too seriously.”

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