‘The Walking Dead’: Learn About Lydia & Cassidy McClincy

AMC Lydia

The Walking Dead introduced a new character last week: Lydia. She was with The Whisperers and was the only survivor in the group during a fight with Daryl and company. Now Lydia’s trying to pretend that they’re innocent, but no one is really believing her, except Henry. Here’s a look at who Lydia is and more about the actress who plays her, Cassidy McClincy. There will be a part with slight spoilers later in the story, but we will highlight that section before the spoilers are shown.

Lydia is a prisoner in the Hilltop jail, kept in a cell right next to Henry. Henry seems to be developing feelings for her, which isn’t endearing his character that much to fans of The Walking Dead. At the end of last week’s episode, it seemed like Daryl had to stop him before he revealed the Kingdom’s location to Lydia.

Not much is known about Lydia when Season 9 Episode 10 premieres. It does feel like she’s putting on a “Carol” type of act, pretending to be more innocent than she really is. And she talks a lot about her mother.

The Hilltop crew isn’t going to have much sympathy for Lydia, since her group attacked and killed Jesus.

As far as Cassady McClincy, who plays Lydia, she has quite a bit of TV experience before The Walking Dead, so it’s likely you’ve seen her before. She was on Castle Rock (young Molly), Daytime Divas (Tandy), Love Simon, Poor Jane, Lore, Good Behavior, Crimes and Mister Meanors, Constantine, It’s Supernatural, and more.

McClincy talked to Fansided and said that her character has a “possibly manipulative survival instinct ingrained in her from her mother.”

Spoilers About Lydia’s Future on the Show & History in the Comics

This is the part where spoilers come into play, so don’t read on unless you’re OK with some spoilers. Some of these spoilers are significant.

First, it looks like Lydia is going to have a romance with Henry. In the comics, her romance was with Carl and it was pretty serious at some points. It’s hard to imagine that the storyline with Henry could possibly match up to what the comics did with her and Carl.

In the comics, Lydia’s mom is Alpha, who’s a leader of The Whisperers. (At one point, fans of Fear the Walking Dead had hoped Madison would be Alpha, but that wasn’t the case.) Lydia and her mom have been with The Whisperers since the early days in the comics, and Lydia at one point revealed that she was raped by some of the men in the group. It’s not known if this part of the storyline is going to be included in the TV series, however. It’s not known if Lydia is going to be as cooperative as she was in the comics, since the show has veered off from the comics significantly at this point. In the comics, Jesus was still alive and one of the people interrogating Lydia.