Is ‘This Is Us’ on TV Tonight? Find Out When the Show Returns

This Is Us TV tonight


This Is Us is not on television tonight because President Donald Trump will be giving the State of the Union address. The SOTU will begin at 9 p.m. Eastern and is scheduled for two hours of television time with media coverage included. The SOTU will air on most major networks, including NBC — home of This Is Us.

The popular primetime drama wasn’t on television last week either, but it is slated to return to its regularly scheduled timeslot next week.

For those itching for some This Is Us feels, some are taking time to reflect on the past year and remember some of the most incredible moments that the show has offered its viewers. In fact, it has been one whole year — exactly — since the world learned what actually happened to Jack Pearson on that fateful night.

The show aired after Super Bowl LII and was arguably the most emotional episode of the show to date. Why, you ask? Because the watching world finally found out what happened to Jack Pearson.

Jack, played by actor Milo Ventimiglia, didn’t die in the fire that ripped through his house. Instead, he went into cardiac arrest due to smoke inhalation at the hospital hours later. Jack went back into the burning home to rescue the family’s dog and his body just couldn’t handle it.

Since the very start of the show, fans have been witnessing the Pearson family (Jack’s wife, Rebecca, and their three kids, Randall, Kate, and Kevin) deal with the loss of their patriarch. They have each gone through their fair share of emotions ranging from anger to acceptance, and depression to guilt. The Pearsons have been dealing with Jack’s death for years — and so have we.

When the show continues on Tuesday, February 12, fans are expecting that the Pearson storylines will continue to evolve. While we’ll probably end up having more questions, we hope that at least some of our questions will be answered. At this point, just about every This Is Us fan wants to know why Jack Pearson told his family that his younger brother Nicky Pearson died in Vietnam. Since Kate, Kevin, and Randall found Nicky, it’s time to figure out what happened there. In “Songbird Road,” Rebecca Pearson (played by actress Mandy Moore) will see Nicky for the first time in who knows how long.

And things are going to get even more interesting the following week. On February 19, the episode titled “Our Little Island Girl” will dive into the backstory of Randall’s wife, Beth (played by actress Susan Kelechi Watson). The questions about Beth and why she was heading up a dance studio in that epic-yet-mysterious flash-forward will start to be answered.

“We’re going to get the full story, and it’s about where she goes from here. Now that we know what’s been bothering her, what’s been in on her mind, and where she finally wants to go, now what is she going to do?” Watson recently told Entertainment Weekly.

Additionally, it sounds like another great casting call with actress Phylicia Rashad (The Cosby Show) portraying Beth’s mother.

“I just thought, ‘Oh! This is going to be amazing. One of the biggest comparisons I hear is how Beth reminds people of Claire Huxtable…. It almost feels like the only person it could be,” Watson added.

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