‘Top Chef’ Spoilers & Remaining Contestants

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The competition series Top Chef continues its latest season on Bravo. While a clear frontrunner has yet to be determined, a sneak peek for the series hints at a possible confrontation between two of its contestants. Learn more about the spoilers and the remaining cast members below.

The preview clip shows contestants Sara Bradley and Adrienne Wright getting into a heated exchange after it was implied that Bradley is not a very good cook. “You guys were over there, like, taunting [the crowd],” says an enraged Bradley. “And I was like, these are supposed to be my people…Insinuating that I made sh**ty food… To go and be like, ‘Oh, she’s got boxed waffle mix over there. We never played like that.”

Wright and the rest of the contestants don’t seem to feel like Bradley’s criticism was just, but things get even worse when Wright refers to Bradley as “mama.”

Elsewhere on the upcoming episode, Top Chef alum Ed Lee comes in for a quickfire challenge and the contestants get to meet basketball coach John Calipari at Rupp Arena where they host a cook-off. Read on to learn more about the remaining contestants:

Adrienne Wright

Despite almost being eliminated in the first episode of the season, Wright has bounced back with a few key victories and now stands as one of the most consistently high-ranking competitors. Wright has also maintained her busy schedule while pregnant.

“Being a chef in your early pregnancy is not easy,” she told Food & Wine. “There are so many things you shouldn’t be eating like tartare and oysters, I’ve had to have my line cooks and sous chefs taste things for me. My line cooks have become protective of what I’m carrying in the kitchen and they’ll literally take things out of my hands and carry them for me.”

Justin Sutherland

Despite not yet getting a top dish, Sutherland has only been placed in the bottom once during the season. He told Twin Cities Eater that he prides himself on competition. “Being in this business in general, I thrive on adrenaline and pressure” he said. “I think on my feet, think on the fly, make decisions, trust myself and go with it.”

Sutherland also says that he likes taking a hands-on approach. “The chefs and GMs, the people who are running [the restaurants], they’re there every day on the front lines, so I don’t want to go in and step on anyone’s toes,” he explained. “Right now it’s to see what they’re doing and hopefully be an asset to them to help be more successful. Once we get our heads wrapped around that aspect of it, we can see what changes need to be made.”

Sara Bradley

Bradley has run into a rough stretch recently, placing at the bottom two weeks in a row. It remains to be seen whether her confrontation with Wright will hurt her chances of sticking around.

Like Wright, Bradley is also pregnant with her first child. She announced the pregnancy on her Instagram on December 17, writing: “Say hi to the newest cook in the kitchen, Lula Bea. Premiering May 2019.”

Eddie Konrad

Konrad has gotten lots of attention due to his combative personality. Nevertheless, he maintains that the chance to participate on the series, and succeed this far.

“It’s pretty surreal, you know? It starts out like you have this secret nobody knows, and then you see [the show] and you see it through somebody else’s eyes, basically,” he told South Philly Review. “Because a lot of the stuff you see isn’t like how you remembered it, obviously. So it’s just really surreal. It’s pretty weird.”

Kelsey Barnard Clark

Clark scored a major victory with the recent boat challenge. “The only game plan I had going into Top Chef in general was I’m going to cook my food and I’m going to be myself,” she told Dothan Eagle. “If I win, I’m going to win with what I do. I’m not going to try and be some frou-frou person that I’m not. I’m not going to try and do pasta because I don’t make pasta − I’m not going to do that just to impress them. I’m just going to do what I do.”

Eric Adjepong

Adjepong recently scored a win and a top dish to bolster his standing. He also has said that he wants to use his presence on the series to promote African cuisine. “TV gives me a soapbox to really yell as loud as I can about African food, and do it in a really impactful way,” he told the Washington Post. “I think it’s an agitation that the food scene needs.”

Michelle Minori

Minori recently picked up a win in Nashville. She also spoke about how excited to see to build connections within the Top Chef community. “It’s a big one, and something I’ve been thinking about a lot, because for me, being a chef is such a great way to build community, and support others in our industry, and I also feel like a huge pull to be a part of positive change,” she told San Francisco Eater. “And as you know, our industry is the most wasteful in the world, and as chefs, we have a responsibility to make that better.”

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