Travis Scott Zodiac Sign: When Is His Birthday?

Getty Travis Scott performs onstage.

Travis Scott is set to perform at the Super Bowl halftime show alongside Maroon 5 and fellow rapper Big Boi. Scott has been riding a wave of success following the release of his album Astroworld and his first number one single, “Sicko Mode.” Given his spike in popularity, some may be wondering what Scott’s zodiac sign might be.

According to HighSnobiety, Scott was born April 30, 1992 in Houston, Texas. That makes him a Taurus making him a Taurus. Taureans are visually represented as a bull. They are known for being smart, ambitious, and trustworthy. reports that Taureans are amazing friends, colleagues, and partners, which makes sense given Scott’s impressive list of collaborations over the years.

Travis Scott Was Born April 30, 1992 & His Zodiac Sign Is a Taurus

He’s worked with Kanye West, Quavo, Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd and Drake among others. Taureans have also been dubbed “the ultimate stoners of the zodiac”, and are known to work at a slow pace. This also aligns with Scott, who took several years to craft the follow up to his sophomore album Birds In the Trap Sing McKnight. Despite working at a slow pace, Scott admitted to GQ that he’s “impatient as a motherf**ker” and that he hates anything that slows him down.

“Taureans also value honesty above all else and are proud that their personal relationships tend to be drama free,” adds. “Bulls get the reputation of being stubborn, but they’re not always stuck in their ways. This searching sign is willing to see another point of view, but they won’t flip-flop on an opinion just to make someone else happy.”

Taureans Are Known for Being Smart, Ambitious & Trustworthy

The drama free descriptor is also apt given Scott’s high-profile relationship with girlfriend Kylie Jenner. Despite both being celebrities, Scott and Jenner have largely sidestepped the drama associated with Jenner’s sisters Kim and Kourtney Kardashian. The couple recently welcomed their first child, a daughter named Stormi.

“When it comes to love, Taureans are all about honesty, which is why a first date with a Bull may resemble a job interview,” the website revealed. “They’re not being rude—they’re built for partnerships and are simply trying to see if you’re a good fit at the start. And once you begin dating a Taurus, forget about white lies.

A Taurus would much rather hear that an outfit is unflattering than endure hollow compliments. Taurus will hold a grudge against someone who lies, even if it’s a lie just to make them feel happy.” Refinery29 reports that Scott and Jenner both have a few planetary placements in fixed signs. Fixed signs are known for their hardheadedness and tendency to get stuck in a rut.

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